AUGUSTA — Enoch Petrucelly, the Palmyra man found not criminally responsible for the August 2008 fatal stabbing of his brother, has received permission to spend Thanksgiving and Christmas at his mother’s home under the eye of a staffer from Riverview Psychiatric Center.

Justice Donald Marden agreed to Petrucelly’s request, which was presented Friday in Kennebec County Superior Court by his attorney, J. Mitchell Flick, supported by Petrucelly’s psychiatrist.

“The patient has a very supportive family and we want to encourage as much contact as possible, but safely,” Dr. Robert Fisher said.

However, Marden denied a request to have Petrucelly’s mother supervise her son at the second holiday gathering.

Marden said the staff can observe the mother’s ability to supervise her son and said her home had to be alcohol-free during the visits.

Debra Baeder, chief forensic psychologist of the State Forensic Service, testified the role might prove difficult for his mother if other family members need her attention.

“Her responsibility as a supervisor is different from her responsibility as a mother,” Baeder said.

Deputy Attorney General William Stokes argued that trained Riverview staff should supervise Petrucelly. “Why are we now putting so much faith in family members to supervise these family visits?” Stokes asked.

Petrucelly, 25, was found to be psychotic when he stabbed his sleeping brother to death on Aug. 10, 2008, in North Haven. Petrucelly believed he was in love with a woman on the island and that his 24-year-old brother Michael posed a threat to that relationship.

Petrucelly attended Friday’s hearing wearing a gray suit, blue shirt and tie. He did not address the judge.