Bridgton Hospital

Hunter Riley Pyles, born Sept. 20 to Kimberly Sargent and Dustin Pyles, Casco.

Haley Claire Hamlin, born Sept. 24 to Ryan Hamlin and Amanda Gray, Naples. Grandparents: Elaine and Vernon Griffin, Naples; Alan and Dawn Gray, Portland; Belinda Hamlin, Naples. Great-grandparents: Walter and Joyce Brown, West Paris.

Mason Rylan Anderton, born Sept. 30 to Evan and Lauira Snow Anderton, Bridgton. Grandparents: Mary and Steven Blair and Paul and Cindi Anderton, all of Greenville, Pa. Great-grandparents: Frank and Dottie Snow, Bridgton; James and Laura Murphy, Readfield; Ardell Blair and Midge Resigner, both of Greenville.

Owen Daimon-James Dyer, born Oct. 7 to Frank Dyer and Mindy Libby, Casco. Grandparents: Dene and Michael Libby, Naples; Patty and Donald Dyer, Casco. Great-grandparents: Earnist and Patty Libby, Windham; Gertrude and Stanley Norris, Limerick; Nancy and Bruce Buzzell, Raymond.


Mid Coast Hospital

Jacob Juntura Mangoba, born Oct. 12 to Nathaniel and Grazina Juntura Mangoba, Topsham. Grandparents: Gloria and Armando Juntura; Julia Mangoba, Philippines.

Jaymie Denise Bergman, born Oct. 13 to James Bergman and Bryttanie Tuck, Bath. Grandparents: Kim MacDonald, West Bath; Michael Tuck, Oakland; Gary and Denise Gaskins.

Pharrah Solana Watson, born Oct. 14 to Parker Watson and Heather Gilliam, Bath. Grandparents: Jerry and Christi Wallace, Orr’s Island; Glenn and Janet Gilliam, Phippsburg; Nora Brewster and Herbert Freeman, Bath; Paul and Lynese Watson, Bath.

Abigail Jean Ryan Britt, born Oct. 15 to Theodore and Eliza Kinney Britt, Topsham. Grandparents: Chris and Mary Kinney, Auburn; Julia Britt.

Leland Reid Gosselin, born Oct. 15 to Marcel and Hannah Bowles Gosselin, Bath. Grandparents: Peter Bowles, Georgetown; Jill Meader, Bath; Marcel Gosselin, Lewiston; Carol King, Brunswick.

Benjamin Matthew Jackson, born Oct. 18 to Andrew and Bethany Warn Jackson, Brunswick. Grandparents: Elizabeth and Steven Warn and Sandra Jackson, all of New Bedford, Mass.; Raymond Jackson, Dartmouth, Mass.


Southern Maine Medical Center

Colton Richard Black, born Sept. 25 to Aaron and Kelly Potvin Black, Limington. Grandparents: Lenny and Terry Potvin, Warwick, R.I.; Rick and Debra Black, Limington.

Kylie Elizabeth Munro, born Sept. 25 to Chad Munro and Stephanie Couturier, North Waterboro. Grandparents: Richard Couturier, North Waterboro; Rebecca Couturier, Waterboro; Chet Munro, Kezar Falls; Glen and Donna Bean, East Waterboro.

Chace Anthony Strout, born Sept. 27 to Wayne Strout Jr. and Charity Camire, Biddeford. Grandparents: Ron and Deb Leavitt; Con and Donna LaBelle; Wayne Sr. and Jean Strout, all of Biddeford.

Patton Marley Aldridge, born Sept. 27 to Adam and Stephanie Senato Aldridge, Biddeford. Grandparents: Kim Senato, Columbus, Ohio; Paul Senato, Pensacola, Fla.; Debra Corkery, Saco.

Skye Sadie Simonoko, born Sept. 27 to Shane and Michele Leo Simonoko, Saco. Grandparents: Ralph and Holly Leo, Gorham; Ken and Paula Simonoko, Gorham, N.H.

Caleb Ryan Wormlight, born Sept. 28 to Kyle and Dana Licari Wormlight, Old Orchard Beach. Grandparents: Nicholas and Mary Licari, Troy, Mich.; Steve and Linda Wormlight, Sterling Heights, Mich.

Arianna Marye Stilphen, born Sept. 30 to Adam Stilphen and Shannon Sparks, Westbrook. Grandparents: Donald and Carol Marcotte, Old Orchard Beach; Michael and Rita Stilphen, Limington.

Isabella Grace McKay, born Oct. 1 to William McKay Jr. and Sara Roberge, Kennebunk. Grandparents: Bob and Theresa Stevens; William and Cindy McKay.

Colin Richard Scott, born Oct. 4 to Nicholas and Julie Belisle Scott, Saco. Grandparents: Richard and Helen Belisle, Saco; Mary Courtney, Wells.

Audrina Catherine Dore, born Oct. 6 to Earnest Dore III and Shenade Martel, Biddeford. Grandparents: Roger and Vita Martel; Ernest Jr. and Tracey Dore, all of Biddeford.

Evan William Lynch, born Oct. 8 to William Lynch and Nicole Reguera, Sanford. Grandparents: John and Kathleen Reguera, Lebanon; Fred and Kelly Lynch, Sanford.

Ethan Anthony Hall, born Oct. 9 to John Hall and Amanda Latham, Old Orchard Beach. Grandparents: Betty Latham and John McDiuett, Old Orchard Beach; Alice Love and Clyde Hall, Hanis City, Fla.

Waylon Paul Cota, born Oct. 9 to Stacy Cota, Standish. Grandparents: Susan Cota, Standish; Kenneth and Val Cota, Falmouth; Wilma Eckert, Milo.

David John Poirier, born Oct. 9 to Booker and Sarah Canovaca Poirier, Saco. Grandparents: Martha Cusimono, Tulsa, Okla.; John Poirier and Nancy Garnache, Biddeford.

Lance William Nichols, born Oct. 9 to Mark Nichols and Tina Salamacha, Lyman. Grandparents: Gary and Sharon Salamacha, Old Orchard Beach; Debra Taylor, Lyman; Dennis Nichols, Rochester, N.H.

Elizabeth Louise Cluff, born Oct. 12 to Todd and Cherilynn Marshall Cluff, Kennebunkport.

Berkley Fischer McCoy, born Oct. 12 to Benjamin McCoy and Danielle Kennie, Alfred. Grandparents: Daniel and Suzanne Kennie, Scarborough; Samuel McCoy, Waterboro.

Samuel Thomas Stretton, born Oct. 12 to Thomas Stretton and Stacy Nason, Lewiston. Grandparents: Patricia Nason, Saco; Stephan Nason Sr., Biddeford; Thomas and Diane Stretton, Lewiston.

Kamdyn Michael Tibbetts, born Oct. 14 to Shawn and Erica Sawtelle Tibbetts, Saco. Grandparents: Derwood and Barbara Sawtelle, Saco; Paula and Edgar Beaulieu, Portland; Linda and Robert Tibbetts, New Gloucester.

Halle Lynn Landry, born Oct. 14 to Michael Landry and Deanna Hebert, Saco. Grandparents: David and Marguise Hebert, Saco.

Jayden William Atkins, born Oct. 14 to William and Anna O’Brien Atkins, Limerick. Grandparents: Sandra Fuller, South Yarmouth, Mass.; Lonie and Kathy Atkins, Hollis.

Alexander Jackson Sevigny, born Oct. 17 to AJ and Heather Harmon Sevigny, Shapleigh. Grandparents: Kevin and Linda Harmon, Sanford; George and Susan Sevigny, North Berwick.

Brandon Anthony Conners, born Oct. 18 to Scott Conners and Ashley Gagne, Biddeford. Grandparents: Mark and Melissa Parandelis, North Waterboro; Scott and Maura Conners, Boston.

Derek Alan Minchin, born Oct. 18 to Ryan and Kimberly Weinert Minchin, Sanford. Grandparents: Steve and Pam Weinert, Sanford; Steve and Donna Minchin, Bowdoin.

Mason Keldric Kearney, born Oct. 19 to Kevin Kearney and Sarah Pelletier, Sanford. Grandparents: Scott and Debra Pelletier and Dennis and Raelene Kearney, all of Sanford.

Tysun Konnor Lebo, born Oct. 19 to Buzzy and Sarah Senecal Lebo, Biddeford. Grandparents: Charles and Peggy Lebo, Biddeford.

Kaydence Lilly Glover, born Oct. 20 to Zachary Glover and Caitlin Bigelow, North Waterboro. Grandparents: Eric and Shirely Bigelow, North Waterboro; Linda Glover, Naples.