SOUTH PORTLAND — For the third consecutive year, South Portland-based Wright Express Corp. was named one of America’s top small businesses by Forbes magazine.

The company was No. 72 on the list, which included 100 publicly traded businesses with annual revenue between $5 million and $1 billion.
Rankings were based on earnings growth, sales, return on equity and stock performance.

“This is a tremendous achievement for us as a company and a direct reflection of our associates’ hard work, dedication and determination to succeed in what was a challenging year,” said Michael Dubyak, Wright Express Chairman and CEO.

On Thursday, Wright Express reported $20.6 million in profit and revenue of $100.2 million for the third quarter.

In 2009, the company reported third-quarter profit of $23.4 million and revenue of $85.8 million.

Wright Express’ primary business is processing automotive fleet fuel purchase transactions and helping customers capture and analyze detailed fuel and maintenance information.