Falmouth’s Town Council is divided about what to do with the Lunt and Plummer-Motz schools after these historic buildings are vacated in June. Some councilors support letting residents vote on keeping the buildings and part of the surrounding acreage in civic use, as proposed by a committee that spent two years studying facilities needs. Others prefer selling most or all of the site for private development.

Recently, a group of interested citizens started a petition drive asking the council to work in good faith toward letting residents vote on a civic use proposal. In a single day, we collected more than 1,100 signatures. The petition stated, “Falmouth citizens deserve the chance to vote on the fate of one of our town’s most valuable assets, the Lunt and Plummer-Motz site. We have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to save these historic buildings for continued civic use such as a larger library, a much-needed community center for adult and children’s programming, and public outdoor space. Reusing the existing buildings is a fiscally responsible way of meeting the needs of our growing community.”

People ranging in age from recent Falmouth graduates to some of our oldest citizens lined up to sign this petition. Falmouth residents made it clear that they value preserving these buildings to meet the needs of the community. I urge the Town Council to listen to the people. I also urge Falmouth citizens to become involved to ensure this property is kept in civic use for all to enjoy in the future.

Marsha Clark

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