Police Explorers from Scarborough and Portland did their state proud this weekend at a skills competition in Connecticut.

The combined team took second place overall in the 2010 Explorer Tactical Challenge Saturday that featured 11 teams, some from major cities like Bridgeport and Danbury. The competition included events like sniper challenge, drug warrant, bus assault, rapid deployment and high-risk warrant.

Police Explorers are an outgrowth of the Boy Scouts of America and include youth who are interested in law enforcement careers.

Members of Maine’s team took first-place honors in sniper challenge, drug warrant and bus assault.

Team members included Logan Mars, Brandon Ruel, Lt. Tom Deluca, Matt Scipione, Capt. Derek Laflin and Pat Flynn from Scarborough and Chief Ater Ater and Zornitsa Savova from Portland.

“The explorers were faced with situations that sworn police officers might face in tactical situations,” said Scarborough’s community resource officer, Joe Giacomantonio. “The focus was on communications, teamwork and leadership but they were also graded on their planning and execution of the plans.”

Scarborough has had a Police Explorers post for the past 12 years and Portland started its post a year ago.