Jan. 30, 2011

Previously acknowledged: $196,805.21

Mere read-a-thon $21

AFSCME LOCAL 1373 $100

H. Dozier and E. Addison $25

Homewood Benefits Matching for Karen Bridges $100

Today’s total: $246

Total to date: $197,051.21

Jan. 16, 2011

Previously acknowledged: $194,313.05

Falmouth Lions Club $200

Deborah Halpin $200

Portland High School Student Council $50

Geoffrey and Sharon Hole $20

Dianna Oliver $100

The Reagans $30

In memory of Edwin Brown, who loved Christmas — Marge and family $50

Gretchen, Laura and Max $90

In memory of Kathryn D. Kazenski $100

Triangle Lodge No 1, A. F. and A. M. $500

For the children — Jane McCarty $75

In loving memory of Pam Nealley who so loved to help those in need $100

Merry Christmas from Mrs. Garrett’s and Mrs. Newman’s sixth-graders at St. Brigid School $207.16

In memory of Peter and Mary Barbalias — Dean and Donna Barbalias $25

Students of Drouin Dance Center $30

Today’s total: $1,777.16

Total to date: $196,090.21

Jan. 9, 2011

Previously acknowledged: $181,954.55

Robert and Linell Slaktowicz $25

Italian Heritage Center $100

In memory of Catherine Hannigan from the employees of Hannigan’s Island Market $100

MaryAustin Dowd and George Calvert $100

James and Jane Newcomb $25

Anonymous $50

Merry Christmas — Marilyn and Virgil Weeman $25

In memory of Jay and Sam $50

In loving memory of our parents — George and Vicki $100

In loving memory of Tom Cook. Love, wife and family $50

In loving memory of Dave Walker, who loved children and Christmas $10

Anonymous $200

Rhonda and Kevin Warren $50

In memory of my Dad, Leroy Rand — Jo-Ellen Rand $25

Didier Hakizimana $10

PPH book sale and features auction $568.25

In memory of Robert E. Cushman, Jr. $50

In honor of Janice Johnston $100

In memory of Mary E. Dulac $30

In honor of what’s his name and family $20

Robin Gross and Joan Lovell $65

Daisi, Rosi, Ginger and Lizzie $20

Merry Christmas from Bridget and Maggie $250

The Cyrs $100

Betsy, Bruce and Anna $100

In memory of John Carlisle $100

Janet McCaa $100

Happy New Year $30

Andy Miller $50

Daniel and Hannah Ostrye $75

Hardypond Construction $300

Michael and Kristin Brigham $25

Paul and Katherine White $100

In memory of my loved ones $25

Kayla Berg $18

F/V Maria and Dorothy $100

In loving memory of Stefano N. Nappi and Jeffrey Fortin $200

In loving memory of our parents, Rene and Blanche Dauphin and Roland and Juliette Hebert $50

Anonymous $30

Jeffery Neil Young $50

Anonymous $100

In memory of Dr. and Mrs. R.A. Macdonald — Tom and Connie Smith and family $40

Happy New Year! — Katherine and Steven Martel $200

Joe and Edie Leonhard $50

John A. Boothby, M.D. $50

The patrons of Howie’s Pub $226

In loving memory of Archie Theriault $50

H.W. Longfellow Order of A.H.E.P.A. $250

Heather Crabtree, Louis Couture, Emily Akmon and Joanne Trainor $55

In memory of William “Bill” Walton — Ken Reynolds $50

Gary Beck $50

Dennis, Debbie, Mike and Matt $100

In memory of Fr. Coleman O’Toole — Corinne Cartwright $25

The Smith-Hoopes family $100

Friends Of Bruce Roberts $145

For our grandsons $50

Shaw’s “Save the Cans for Kids’ Sake,” Ellsworth $8.60

David E. Johnson and Charrisse I. Kaplan $250

In loving memory of Gram — Tom, Patty, Kate, Hans and Neil $100

E.R. $100

Anonymous $1,000

In the name of grandchildren Amanda, Jason, Ashley, Neal, Brandon, Kyle and great-grandson Ricky — Elaine G. Burgess $25

Howard and Cynthia Pedlikin $50

Thank you for all that you do for the less fortunate — Dan and Connie $100

The crew and customers at Dunkin’ Donuts, 242 Main St., Yarmouth $231

The crew and customers at Dunkin’ Donuts, 1378 Washington Ave, Portland $320

The crew and customers at Dunkin’ Donuts, 65 Gray Rd, Falmouth $190

The crew and customers at Dunkin’ Donuts, 24A Bridgton Ave, Westbrook $181

The crew and customers at Dunkin’ Donuts, 191 Main St., Gorham NH $119

The crew and customers at Dunkin’ Donuts, 9 Green St., Berlin NH $195.65

The employees and customers at Dunkin’ Donuts, 742 Main St., Westbrook $313

The crew and customers at Dunkin’ Donuts, 551 Main St., Gorham NH $89

The crew and customers at Dunkin’ Donuts, 219 US RT1, Falmouth $334

The crew and customers at Dunkin’ Donuts, 29 Main St., Westbrook $165

The crew and customers at Dunkin’ Donuts, 601 Warren Ave., Portland $306

The crew and customers at Dunkin’ Donuts, 73 County Rd, Westbrook $121

The crew and customers of Dunkin’ Donuts, 936 RT1, Yarmouth $252

The crew and customers at Dunkin’ Donuts, 593 Main St., Gorham $191

Pete and Susie Eising $200

In memory of Cleon and Rose Letarte $50

In memory of Ann Letarte Michaud $50

In memory of Rudolph and Beatrice Michaud $50

Anonymous $1,500

Alice J. Kelley $50

Charles Lerch $25

Leanne Walker $100

In memory of Joe Barlock — John Barlock $100

In memory of A. Douglas Hitchcox — Paul D. Hitchcox $250

In memory of Aunt Margie and Uncle Jack — Lori Campbell $25

Jeffrey Ertman $100

In memory of James Lynch Francis Lyons — Janet Lyons $100

In memory of Richard Hall — Clay and Deborah Graybeal $50

In honor of the hard Christmases we remember $50

Today’s total: $12,358.50

Total to date: $194,313.05 

Jan. 2, 2011

Previously acknowledged: $165,243.72

James and Susan McMahon $100

Anonymous $200

Elizabeth A. McBrady $75

Students and staff of North Yarmouth Memorial School and Wilson School of SAD 51 and Mr. Brookes’ 5th Grade $1,057.37

Patricia Frederick $100

In loving memory of my husband, Al Brooks, and our loving son, Steven Brooks — Shirley $100

Anonymous $50

Eddie’s $182

Red Hot and Ladylike $554

Bertrand and Marilyn Kendall $25

Judith and Matthew Gardner Jr. $50

Jenifer Stewart $50

Jane and Cap Leonard. Merry Christmas $20

Anonymous $50

Merry Christmas! — Robert and Becky Malley $30

William H. Johnson $500

James and Thuy Sullivan $100

In memory of Joan B. Burns $15

Best wishes for the Christmas season! — Deborah Batchelder and Victoria Waidner $50

In honor of our twin grandsons, Nathaniel and Zachary Prentiss — Art and Barbara Prentiss $25

In memory of Rita I. and John O. Greenlaw $100

Ginny and Buddy $25

Acadia, Zachary and Gannon Stewart $50

Paul Chandler and in memory of Anne Chandler $50

Haley and Aldrich Inc. $100

David and Sandra Michniewicz $50

God bless you! $25

In memory of Esther and Eugene McCarty $100

In loving memory of Norman A. Stone $25

In memory of Red & Dot Swett $100

In memory of my sister Mary Bibro and parents, Mildred and William Davis $150

In memory of our parents — Susan and David Wallace $25

William W. Poole $50

In loving memory of Herb and Winnie and Larry and Sylvia — Linda and Thomas Strout $125

Patricia A. Buttner $30

Anonymous $30

In loving memory of Joseph and Evelyn Greene $50

In memory of Philip and Evelyn Pearson and Olaf and Helen Olsen $30

John A. Bowen $75

A friend $10

Merry Christmas — Mary Murray Coleman $50

Geraldine Wolf $50

In memory of Oma and Gramps — J.P.C. $400

In memory of Ernest and Florence Winslow $200

In memory of Grampa and Grammy Hawkes — the Theriault family $50

Dorothy J. Regan DMD and David Driscoll $100

Elizabeth A. Green $25

In honor of Mary, Peter, Angela, Ken, Kevin, Elizabeth, Scott, Todd, Greg, Brian and Paul $150

Anonymous $200

Sheila H. McKinley $55

From the employees of D&G Machine Products $1,050

Anonymous $100

In honor of my 10 grandchildren $50

Bad Boy Love $100

Students of Skillin School, South Portland $456.92

In memory of William L. Walton — officers and members of Local 301, Mail Handlers Union $25

Judith and Joseph Calise $25

P.L. Associates LLC $2,500

Westbrook Senior Citizens $50

The Brown School Community in South Portland $500

In memory of my brother, Keith N. Hamblen $15

In memory of our Grammie Hamblen — Russ, Jodi and Andy $15

Kristen Damuth $25

Chris A.’s birthday, in lieu of gifts $110

In honor of Tim J. Follo $50

In honor of Connie $50

Steven and Shelly Tsujiura $25

In loving memory of Edward Moulton — Dianne and Robert Moulton $50

Gorham Superintendent’s Office $110

Brayden Peck-Parker $50

In memory of our son Andrew — John and Jeanette Cakouros $100

Merry Christmas Paul and Debbie from R and E $50

In memory of Joe Guertin, who loved toys $50

In memory of Jason Jurgensmier $25

Paul and Dale Cronin $300

Happy Christmas — Ernest and Charlie Kilbride families $10

In memory of George and Edith Beattie $25

Gerald D. Morris $100

William S. Schaffner and Ann E. Gayer $100

Keep up the great work! — Myron and Meredith Hamer $500

Diana and Tom Allen $150

Narragansett Rebekah Lodge No. 145 $100

Jane and George Gerrish $25

Lewis and Margaret Krainin $25

Carroll Tiernan $25

Peter Murray $100

The Charles O’Brien family $300

Raymond & Constance Gauvin $100

In lieu of a gift for Bruce and Pam $100

In memory of my granddaughter, Taysia Doyer $15

Merry Christmas — Mary Hodes $100

Donald and Joan Hankinson $250

Merry Christmas — Drew and Ryan $100

Maine Avenue Bunko Babes $140

In memory of Deidre Reid Nelson — Joseph and Alice Moisen $100

In memory of William L. Walton — William S. King and Wendy B. Coppersmith $10

In memory of Bampi, Mimi and Uncle Jack from Bob, Cheryl, Chelsea and Chapin Bartlett $20

Love, Diddy and the fam! $250

Stewart/McIver Clan 6th Graders, Bonny Eagle Middle School $310.54

In memory of my wonderful parents, Mildred and Jim Cole $100

In loving memory of my mother, Della Fogg $50

In honor of Martha Yerxa for her 15-plus years of service to the Spurwink CAP $275

A Merry Christmas in Jesus’ name — Dorothy Noyes $25

In memory of Chas Towle Jr. $250

Kitzie $50

In memory of Gene and Charlotte McManamy $25

Thomas and Kathleen Concannon $100

Robert and Nancy Peck $50

In loving memory of Lucia Pond Bennett $50

For the little kids, Maddie Kelley $100

Orlando and Judy Delogu $50

Emily D. Dickinson $100

Susan and Spencer Jones $100

In memory of Don and Margaret $50

Sandra Fairweather $50

In memory of Sister Gerald — the Freeman family $25

In loving memory of Garrett Brackett. Love Always Mom, Dad, Alyssa, Libby and Reegan $100

Barron Center employees $110

In memory of Dewey and Isabel Carter and Robert and Carry Greenleaf $100

In memory of Roland Laliberte $50

Kenneth Spirer & Joan Leitzer $100

Ronald and Judith Walters $25

Anonymous $25

Marion Fuller Brown, Ramshead Farm $100

Today’s total: $16,710.83

Total to date: $181,954.55

Jan. 1, 2011

Previously acknowledged: $156,100.89

Portland Press Herald Printing and Distribution Center, annual 50/50 proceeds $200

AAA Energy Services Co., Matching Donation $510

Aaron Thibodeau, AAA Energy Service Co. $25

Beth Roberts, AAA Energy Service Co. $5

Dan Kelley, AAA Energy Service Co. $150

David Kelley, AAA Energy Service Co. $100

Judy MacDonald, AAA Energy Service Co. $50

Ken Fish, AAA Energy Service Co. $10

Lisa Dana, AAA Energy Service Co. $10

Mike Dyer, AAA Energy Service Co. $10

Mike Hillier, AAA Energy Service Co. $50

Peter Kelley, AAA Energy Service Co. $100

Karan Miller’s Aerobic Dance and Step Classes $425

For birth of beautiful granddaughter, Meah, from Happy Grandparents $25

Becky, Katie, JoJo, Nick, Elijah, Ben, Lindsey and Adria $25

In memory of Maggie Soule — the Early Morning Running Group $337

In memory of Kirsten Angela Terhune — Peter $50

Punkin and me $25

Rose Mary Randall Beach $25

In honor of Pete and Annie Sterling, Richard and Barbara Sterling. Love, Jim and Sara; In memory of Scotty and Kiwi. Miss you TJ $100

Ron and Vickie Croteau $25

In honor of Mike and Barbara — Penelope $50

Burchard Dunn School, New Gloucester, coin drive and pretzel giveaway activity $504.33

Ayn Allmendinger $50

In loving memory of my father, Ronald Lee Wiggin $50

In loving memory of my mother, Eleanor Ryan Wiggin $50

In loving memory of my son, John Lee Wiggin $50

In memory of Tom and Claire Simoneau — Dave and Peggy Miller $100

John Caylor $100

In memory of Grace O’Hearn — Philip M. O’Hearn $100

Paul, Joan, Lauren and Jack Tishkevich $200

Carol Potter $50

Anonymous $100

To more joy in the world for all $30

Anonymous $200

In honor of Dorothy A. Doble — Robert $200

Benjamin A. Soule $40

Wayne Duffett $200

Anonymous $25

John and Deborah Fossum $25

Valerie and David Blais $200

Merry Christmas — Barbara and Bill Boynton $100

Merry Christmas — Jake & Emily $50

Tucker Dinan $50

Samantha Read–Smith $25

Anonymous $20

The Universe $50

For Portland’s Children — Carol Eddy $50

For Landon $250

In memory of my daughter, Margaret A. Russell $50

In memory of Marla Beith Houghton $100

Merry Christmas — Liz and Jim Orser $100

God Bless the Children — SJM $100

MaineHealth VitalNetwork $150

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Bagg $50

In memory of Arthur C. Keene Jr. $50

Merry Christmas! — OOB $50

In honor of Mr. and Mrs. Donald Duncan and family $10

In loving memory of my Dad, John S. MacKenzie — Carolyn Bowers $20

Patricia and Roger Dunn $50

PLH and JAH $100

In honor of Don, Velma and Doug McGraves $50

In memory of my beloved wife and mother of my children, Betty Russell $300

In loving memory of “Rusty” and Bertha Willis from Sandy and Mike $50

In memory of Charles M. Bradbury, Cape Porpoise $25

Sunday School Children of West Cumberland United Methodist Church $45.50

Judy F. Benoit $100

Merry Christmas — the Kingsleys $25

Timothy R. Salvensen, the Maine Houses $100

In loving memory of Alan M. Argondizza by his family $150

Edward P. Roy, D.M.D. $50

Sybil and Edward McCarthy $50

Leandros and Eleni $50

Howard and Nancy Shaw $25

In honor of Howard and Nancy Shaw — Karen T. Winslow, Wintergreen Financial Group $25

In memory of William Walton $40

In memory of Elizabeth — Paul Casey $25

Champ and Family $70

In memory of Cheetah — Bop, Buckwheat, Havoc, Spook, Murph the Surf, Zeus, Brandy and Sammy. Love, Crouton $25

In memory of Don Mooers, Randy Mooers and Auntie O’Connell $25

Anonymous $25

In loving memory of Debora G. Clark from Mother and Pam $100

In loving memory of Edgar LeRoy and Margaret Merrill $100

In loving memory of our grandfather, Guy Dicentes Jr. — Anthony, Peter and Lisa $50

In the name of Leona Pierpont $50

Jeffrey M. Armstrong $20

Kristen, John and Brian $100

M & G $100

Cobie Smith ‘n’ Sandie Bishop $25

Gene ‘n’ Jeanine Swanson $25

Stephen and Susan Bailey $500

In memory of Mrs. Doris Bickett — Christina, Valerie and Don Oakes $101

Nancy and Digger Jones $50

Laurie Minott $25

Lucretia Smith $25

Henry Donaldson $200

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Neff $50

Anonymous $110

Anonymous $250

Today’s total: $9,142.83

Total to date: $165,243.72 

Dec. 31, 2010

Previously acknowledged: $145,137.89

Anonymous $5

In loving memory of Grampa Harry — the Slipp family $100

Anonymous $50

Evelyn and Steve $100

In memory of Edith F. Sawyer $25

Tom and Anne Barton $250

In honor of Susan Penna Bernier and in memory of L. Philip Bernier $350

In memory of my husband, Charles F. Reed — Rita C. Reed $25

Ethel and Ronald Phinney $25

Jeffrey Hahn $50

Thanks for all you do! — Richard and Judith Cadmus $100

In memory of Dad — Cheryl Perdue $20

In honor of my grandchildren: Max, Matilda & Isabella — Terri Messer $50

Francis K.C. Madeira $50

God Bless the kids! — James Gillen $25

In honor of Pastor Nancy from one of the cats $25

Anonymous $25

In appreciation for all the good work you all do — Charles and Priscilla Leveroni $100

In memory of Flora and Walter Perkins — Lawrence Perkins $100

In remembrance of Tippie I, Tippie II, Honey and Happy $250

In memory of Nancy E. Cariani $250

In memory of John and Carol Conley $100

Anonymous $100

Regan and Russell LLC $100

In memory of my husband, Richard B. Fish, from his wife, Alice, and family $50

Waterboro Elementary School, staff jeans day $140

In memory of our first grandchild, our little angel, Will Bedford. With love from his grandparents. $250

In lieu of gifts — Cape Elizabeth Middle School staff $342

Thank you for your good works! May your Christmases be merry and bright — B.J. $100

In loving memory of Ruth Bennett — Earle Bennett $25

John and Barbara Graustein $350

The office of Dr. Gregory Fisher in lieu of employee gift exchange $100

In loving memory of Mary and Ed Legue and Dorothy and Ben McLaughlin $50

Ralph B. Pears $25

In loving memory of Tommie Charron $20

Anonymous $50

In honor of our troops — Ellen $25

Anonymous $250

Spencer Soucy $100

In memory of Joe Bernier $100

Maine Medical Center’s Purchasing Department $347

Ala Reid $100

Mary and David Hale $20

Sara and Matthew Perry $25

Girl Scouts of Maine, Troop 630 $20

Brian Hansen $50

In memory of Brooks — Ellen J. McDonough $100

In memory of McKinley — Ralphie, Trouper and Coriip $30

The Gregg Goodrich family $100

Anonymous $250

Margery, Gerry and Bruce Clement $100

In memory of Dad and Samson $50

In honor of our grandchildren and great-grandchildren: Angela, Matthew, Andrea, Joshua, Jeremy, Jameson and Andre — R and J Merrow $50

Beverly C. Hastings $25

Marjorie and Charles Hodges $100

In honor of my parents, grandparents and aunt, who taught us the real meaning of Christmas all year $50

Rod, Martie and Rachel Harmon $50

ASAP Taxi Services $300

Anonymous $100

Peter and Ellen McCarthy $240

In memory of William N. Garrity from his family $75

In honor of Anna Russo Neff’s 91st birthday $25

In loving memory of Alphonse Russo and Ray and Peg Veroneau $50

In loving memory of Grandpa Al $25

In lieu of Xmas cards — Freida Richardson $25

West Falmouth Fire Co. $50

Merry Christmas — the members of Deering Memorial VFW Post 6859 Ladies Auxiliary $50

In honor of Wendy Marstaller, my mother and a teacher who loves children — Branden Marstaller $25

On behalf of my mother, Marie Watson — Sean Watson $100

Anonymous $50

Honey the cat $50

Kelley and James Cook $100

Merry Christmas! — Bernadette Pesce $26

Gavin and T. and J. $100

In memory of my husband, parents and friends — Marion Hanscom $200

In loving memory of JBS and RMS. They loved Christmas and children $50

ISM Inc. $250

In memory of Mary Sloan $100

Mr. and Mrs. Philip Palmer $100

In memory of Robert and Elizabeth Booth — Stephen Booth $200

Kasi Gajtkowski $50

Anonymous $100

In memory of Frank and Helen McDonald — Cathy $75

Dan Hogan $50

For the children — Evelyn Zaciewski $200

In honor of Mr. and Mrs. William Maples, Merry Christmas! — Christina $100

South Windham Fire Co. and Gorham Fire Department $150

In loving memory of Robert E. Comeau $25

In memory of Mr. and Mrs. James L. Greenleaf Jr. — Mr. and Mrs. George Greenleaf $100

Anonymous $200

In memory of Mr. Randy Carroll — Mr. and Mrs. Wilfred Kingsley $100

In memory of my dad — Deborah Silberstein $50

In memory of Mrs. Lois Carlin — Mr. and Mrs. Steve Carlin $50

Brad and Tracy Hammond $50

Merry Christmas from Meghan and John MacGregor $50

In honor of Jesus’ birthday from Windham Christian Academy kindergarten class $63

In memory of Mrs. Marilyn McDuffie, in honor of her love of children everywhere — Alan $50

In honor of Mr. Jamie Nonni and Patrick Allen of Nationwide Payment Solutions LLC $880

In honor of Ricky, Sarah, Jimmy, Sophia, Ben and PD $100

In honor of Mr. Devin McMahon $50

Anonymous $100

Dr. Richard Steinmetz $100

Bruce and Joan Kidman $200

Wendy Hague $50

Ronald Pruitt $10

Today’s total: $10,963

Total to date: $156,100.89 

 Dec. 30, 2010

Previously acknowledged: $131,446.49

Riverside Women’s Golf Association $375

In honor of Betty and Ray Kerr $275

Students and staff of Presumpscot Elementary School $250

In memory of Laurence S. Allen Sr. and Lou F. (Allen) Nichols — Beverly, Missy, Larry and Lonnie Allen $100

For all the children everywhere — Lou “Bambi” Nichols $100

In memory of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Perry — Beverly and Lonnie Allen $100

Memorial Middle School 7th Grade Shoot-a-thon $415.40

In memory of Barbara Schirmer — William and Julie Schirmer $25

Merry Christmas! — Tob Nichols $100

Ho! Ho! Ho! — Phyllis E. Leavitt $100

In lieu of local Christmas cards — Rachel and Carl Akin $25

Michael Boissonneault $150

John and June Bowman $50

In memory of Stig and Corey $150

In loving memory of my granddaughter, Jessica Herrick, and her cousins, Misty and Michaela $20

David Body and Elizabeth Miller $25

Anonymous $20

In memory of Carl “Jimmy” Burrill, who lived the spirit of Christmas every day of his life — Warren and Katherine Foye $25

Dorothy A. Bruce $50

John and Jean Northrop $100

In the name of Harold and Barbara Quigley — Robert J. Quigley $50

Harraseeket Yacht Sales $75

In loving memory of Earle L. Ingalls — Dorothy E. Ingalls $100

In loving memory of Ben and Arlene Thompson and Martin Arnold and Deborah Gilmore $100

Anonymous $50

In honor of our grandsons Sam, Kevin and Jacob $150

In memory of Louis Philip Bernier $100

Kelsey, Lisa and Susannah $50

So area children can have a good Christmas — Carole Spruce $100

Anonymous $50

Robert and Elizabeth Crane $25

Nancy W. Lacasse $50

In memory of the Casey and Richards families $25

In memory of Myrle and John Low — Lenore Milbank $25

Sally McGonagle $10

In memory of Ronald S. Leeman $25

Daniel and Jeanne Sullivan $40

In memory of my mother and father. Merry Christmas to all! — Pauline Daniels $50

In honor of friends and family — Deborah S. Heath $200

Joseph and Stephanie Cormier $25

Celebrating Danielle, Dominique, Dylan, Sam and Sean $100

In memory of a wonderful childhood $20

Birger and Linda Johnson $100

Robert E. Miniutti $100

In memory of all our relatives that have gone before us. Merry Christmas — Jeff, Ellen and Connor Worthing $75

Merry Christmas. Love, Dan, Connie, Danielle and Brooke $100

Suzanne and Leroy Jackson $25

In memory of Rindi Martin-Weigel, who loved all children — Janice Small $50

John and June McClean $100

In memory of Jerry $20

Maddox S. Hill and Henry B. Mills-Whittelsey $40

Tucker, Tank and Gracie $150

Merry Christmas — Julie and Bill Kesson $100

Carolyn B. Murray $50

C.E.F.D. Hose Company No. 2 $200

Thomas J. O’Connor $10

Donald and Constance Rose $50

Merry Christmas — Ed, Kimberly and Kendra $50

In memory of Ralph McLellan — Max and Edie Richards $50

In loving memory of Maurice Nelson and Kathy Lowell — Michael Nelson $50

For Milo — Sarah Holland $50

Jean C. Fecteau $100

Judith Miskell $75

Craig and Gail Kinney $100

In honor of Matt and Britt $50

In honor of my friend, Fran DiMauro $50

In memory of Joann and Guy Rowe.Thoughts of days gone by are always with us. Love, Lisa, Lindy, Miranda and Carley $50

In memory of Josie $75

In loving memory of Austin P.Nichols from his wife and daughter $100

Bud and Marion Guthrie $200

Peter, Tori and Tim $40

Bumpa and Grammie $25

In memory of Roger and Marcia Belanger $250

Anonymous $50

In memory of W. Earle Eskilson $50

Anonymous $10

Merry Christmas — the Herrigel family $50

In honor of our families from coast to coast — Linda, Jeff and Maddie $50

In lieu of gifts for Eric and Vicki Lindquist — Jane and Robert Lindquist $50

Anonymous 27 $100

Richard and Alice Spencer $100

In honor of the faculty and staff of the Falmouth Schools $100

To Nana’s Favorite Santa $50

In memory of my mother, who loved Christmas $50

In loving memory of Ben Clough — The Berniers $25

In loving memory of my son, Joe, from “Mum” $25

Janice M. and John C. Andrews Jr. $200

In memory of my mother, Trudy $25

Barbara A. Rachel $25

In memory of Frank, Ellen and Al Vietze $150

In loving memory of “Little Mama” $50

In memory of my parents, Bill and Toni McDonough — Carol and Bill Bragdon $25

Donald and Beverly Esson $100

On behalf of my six grandchildren; Bethanie, Victoria, Luke, Noah, Sam and Taylor — Sandra K. Greenleaf $30

For Margaret Clark — Linda M. Green $100

In honor of great kids and my new grandson, Landon $50

In memory of my wonderful parents, Janet and Lloyd $50

In memory of Al and Phyllis St. Clair $25

Linda Michaels $150

Sheila and Jim Farragher Jr. $30

In memory of Bill Wright $50

In honor of the anesthesiologists of Maine Medical Center from The Nurse Anesthetists of Maine Medical Center $200

Thank you for all of the hard work you do in making people happy on a day of celebration and love — Holly and Tom $500

Portland Safe Consulting and Design Inc. $100

In memory of our Fatty — Ben, Mo and Olive Bryaden $25

Merry Christmas from the Putnam family children and grandchildren $500

William and Lori Cook $150

The Harbor Masters of Portland Maine $281

Merry Christmas!– Michele, John, Brad and Brooke Sowerby $75

In memory of our deceased members — Deering Memorial Post Inc. No. 6859 VFW $500

In memory of Howard Krantman — Philip Levine $50

Eleanor Wilson Clemons $100

In memory of Jeanne Mayberry $25

In memory of our friend and co-worker Bill Walton $200

Frank and Deborah Pecoraro $500

Anonymous $20

Kristen, Lauren, Ella, Annie, Liam, Tyler and Julianne $50

David Dyer $25

In loving memory of Aviana and Gavino $150

Merry Christmas to Tim Soley and his staff and his family — Uncle Charlie $50

In memory of Richard H. Burns $10

Ken and Kathleen Pierce $100

Sandra and Brian Livingston $100

David Cameron $1,000

Phyllis Guss $25

Hugh Riddleberger $100

Kerry Wynne $50

Robert and Jo Pierce $50

In memory of Mr John E Moore — Gail Cloutier $100

In memory of Stefan Keene — Sally Keene $100

Michael Tolley $100

Putting lasting smiles on children’s faces in memory of Uncle Bill Walton — Carl, Nicki, Gary, Denise and Jessica $100

In honor of Ms. Molly Campbell — Sara $25

Sibyl Haley $200

Today’s total: $13,691.40

Total to date: $145,137.89 

Dec. 29, 2010

Previously acknowledged: $127,874.49

Jeremy Harris $100

Purpoodock Women’s Golf Association $50

In memory of Sean Michael Casey — John, Deborah and Conor Casey $200

For all the children $102

In the spirit of Christmas! — the Griffin family $50

In memory of Betty Wolf — Mr. and Mrs. Rick Wolf $25

In memory of Richard E. Doyle — Peter Doyle $100

Debra L. Maley $50

Mark and Kathy Zema $50

John and Meg Kennedy $50

Robyn and Mike Pinette $100

In memory of Marilyn Legassey — Jennifer Muehle $25

Phaedra Gallant $50

In memory of Bill Walton — Eileen Breggia $50

In memory of William Walton — James Hayden $50

Gabe and Phoebe Kolbert $90

Jack Connelly $75

Beverly Lawrence $50

In honor of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Ward — Happy Birthdays! — Jim and Allyson Crawford $25

In memory of Henry Hubbell — Richard & Jennifer Hubbell $200

In honor of Leslie Grimes-Fischer — Richard Fischer $100

In honor of Kerry Norton — Thomas Norton $50

In honor of Sam, Kevin and Jake — Connie and Brian Goldberg $45

Anonymous $170

The GNO girls Margie, Cyndi, Carlene, Joan, Jeanie and Carol $125

Joe and Maureen Salisbury $100

Irving Davis $15

MMC’s CPI Department $100

Mr. and Mrs. John Davison $75

In memory of Kelly Dunham — Joan Radner $75

Rick and Cindy Slaney $20

Julie Blodgett $50

In memory of my dad, Robert H. Webster — Sheila Townsend $30

In honor of God’s Generous Givers — Bruce Burnham $25

In memory of Carol Cronkhite — Fred and Nancy Romano $50

In memory of Louise M. Wilkins — Timothy Concannon $50

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Magnacca $50

Karen Bridges $100

In memory of Maggie — Emily Caffrey $100

In memory of Frank Swift — Elizabeth Kayatta $25

Ken Krauss $200

Amy Lombardo $100

In memory of Jim Donahue — Jeff Wark $25

In memory of Dick and Barbara Lee — Mr. and Mrs. James Lee $100

Donald Newbegin $50

In memory of Gerry Curtis and Les Emerson — Priscilla Emerson $50

Jake and Valerie Rand $100

William and Barbara Merten $100

Today’s total: $3,572

Total to date: $131,446.49

Dec. 28, 2010

Previously acknowledged: $122,136.24

In memory of Mr. and Mrs. JHC Sr. and Mrs. JHC Jr. $50

Merry Christmas! — Doug and Dee Dee Norton $100

In memory of Nana Glazier — Tiffany Townsend $100

In loving memory of my mom, Mary Blake, and my sister, Rolene Frost, who both loved Christmas $30

In loving memory of Jonathan Michael Sawyer. Love, Mom, Dad and Jillian $100

In loving memory of our Grampy — Peter and Kathleen Nicole Casasa–Blouin $50

In loving memory of our grandmother, Mildred Casasa and Father Philip Casasa — Kathleen, Tom and Barbara Casasa $100

Patricia and Richard Bernard $50

D & L Marketing $25

Merry Christmas — Terri and Bob Regan $100

In memory of William Walton — Thomas and Dolores Minervino $25

Unum National Client Group Billing Teams $412.50

East Baldwin Congregational Church Missionary Fund $50

Janice E. Brackett $20

Maine Staffing Group, Westbrook Office $75

In memory of William L. Walton — the staff of Laura E. Richards Elementary School $25

In loving memory of Dad and Helen — Alicia $50

Nancy Tryzelaar $10

John and Mary Beth Richardson $50

Michael A Frost, DMD $100

Portland Dry Cleaners $200

Ingrid Hoffmann $250

In memory of Gary, Gram and Gramp $25

Hilda Wigley $35

In memory of Albert C. Stanley — Anne Stanley & Bruce Hood $100

Suzanne and Richard F. Daniels Jr. $100

Robert and Cynthia Frye-Macomber $25

In memory of Becky Roux — Germaine T. Roux $25

In memory of our parents, Beatrice Colby and Sybil and Harold Kneeland $100

In memory of Mon Pere and Gramma Sanderson, Ginger and Nutmeg, who all loved Christmas $200

In memory of John Waycotte — Casco Aerie #565 $100

In memory of Terry Nutter — Nancy Scott $25

Portland Pipe Line Corp. $200

In memory of Lee and Ernie Farnsworth and “Millie” and Pete Ballard from the kids, grandkids and great-grandkids $25

Gilbert and Lee Brown $25

In honor of my grandchildren, Dylan, Andrew, Connor and Olivia — Sandy $50

Theodore J. Strojny $25

In memory of Elston and Larry $100

Merry Christmas to the kids! — Maddi and Krystina $15

In loving memory of our brother, John M. Sullivan — Lynne and Mary $300

Anne Eliot Hiatt $100

Ronald and Dolores Ritter $25

Merry Christmas, Edgar — Blaine and Kathy $30

In loving memory of Helen Fifield Lowell — Shirley T. Stewart $100

Clyde E .Wentworth $50

Maine Medical Center, Engineering Department Staff $425

John Monaghan Jr. $50

Thank you Santa — the CCNS families $50

Jeffrey and Linda Sanborn $20

In memory of Kelly Ann Stevens $25

Anonymous $20

Lesley D. Ewald $50

Maine Golf Course Superintendents Association $75

Advisory 216, KHS $40.75

Bob and Gen $25

The Meschinellis $50

In loving memory of our daughter Jessica and her cousins Michaela and Misty $35

In loving memory of Mrs. A.R. “Grammie” Ware $10

In loving memory of Bob Thomas $50

For Grampa, who loved Christmas $20

Daniel and Lindsay Richman $125

Edward and Leslie Garber $35

In memory of my brother-in-law, David Barter — Lisa $25

In memory of Donald E. Clark from his loving family $50

In loving memory of Ernest Delorme from his family $50

For Maxine Dow from John S. Dow $25

Anonymous $25

In memory of Goatie — Rox and the Tank $100

Michael Curci $50

For Alex $25

Robert and Suzanne Turkington and family $75

In loving memory of Tony Moniz, who loved Christmas — Carolyn and Tom Jones $100

In memory of the Page and Maynard families — Bob and Elayne Page $100

The Friday Nite Gals $255

Today’s total $5,738.25

Total to date $127,874.49

Dec. 27, 2010

Previously acknowledged: $116,949.88

Anonymous $25

Anonymous $50

In lieu of Xmas cards — Dennis Oliver $25

In memory of Donna Hall — Donald and Emily Hall $25

The staff of the University of Maine (Orono), Portland office $35

Merry Christmas — Pennie, Lexxi and Paws $500

Patrick and Sharon Lee $100

Joseph and Judith Fagone $25

Premium Collections and Accounting Department, UNUM $200

In memory of Matt Wood — Beverly Wood $50

In memory of Timothy J. White $15

In memory of Howard and Laura Reiche $100

Donald and Patricia Sandos $200

In memory of William L. Walton — Will and Rhonda Dearden $50

In memory of Jim, Bob & Hugh $50

Synernet Inc. Jeans Fund $358.50

For all the children jumping for joy on Christmas morning $100

In honor of children from Abby and Emilia Diaz, Maggie Ryan and Anna and Sarah Marshall $100

In memory of Dr. and Mrs. Reginald Lombard $100

Thelma P. Vincent $50

Barbara and John DeCoste $40

In memory of Joseph Chaisson, who always gave $50

Mitchell Institute, staff donations $105

In memory of my mother $50

In loving memory of my mother, Dina Kuchar $50

In memory of Papa and Uncle E. Love, Emily $20

Past Pacohantas Association $50

Donna and Herbert M. Emery III $20

In loving memory of our grandmothers, Virginia Biskup and Ruth M. King. Happy holidays — Chris and Tom Biskup $25

Laurie and Foster Stewart $100

Samuel and Faith Beal $100

In memory of Robert G. Webb — Frances W. Webb $25

In memory of Susan L. Bishop from Mom and Dale and Mark E. Roach from Dad and Pat $50

In memory of Wm. C. Mitton $500

In memory of Camalle “Joe” and Irene Lafavore $100

Shaw’s “Save the Cans for Kids’ Sake” $1,742.86

Today’s total: $5,186.36

Total to date: $122,136.24 

Dec. 26, 2010

Previously acknowledged: $113,349.88

Merry Christmas and thanks for all you do — Catherine Curran $20

The Holmes family $50

In memory of Diana — Thornton Candage $25

In memory of Geraldine and Warren $100

In memory of our parents and friends — Earl and Stasia Goodwin $50

In loving memory of Janice Regan, who always gave so much to others $50

DJ and Lili $25

In memory of Joe — David Warren $50

Knights of Columbus Bishop Amedee Proulx Council #11257 $100

In loving memory of Robert and Edna Grimmer from daughter Karen and family $100

In memory of Anne Farley, our neighbor — David and Karen $25

For the children, with our love $50

Cassie and Grandfather $50

Merry Christmas! — F/V De-Dee-Mae, Marshall and Carole Alexander $200

Richard Emmons $25

Merry Christmas! — the Tucker family $100

Anonymous $50

Merry Christmas — Jim and Kathy Ryan $100

In memory of Mike and Kenny Taliento & Pat Ford. Love, Joann $50

Sarah I. Scully $25

In memory of Michael, Chris and Cassidy — Alice & Henry Barstow $100

Joanne K. Jaccaci $15

Ken and Marge $25

In loving memory of Francis Donahue — Dorothy $30

Lions Club of Cape Elizabeth $250

In memory of my children Dianna, Dennis and Victor and Merry Christmas to all at Larrabee Village — Marcella $300

In memory of Williams’ and Phillips’ families $25

In memory of Rick Spencer $25

Merry Christmas — John and Pam Fridlington $400

St. Pius Senior Bingo $125

In loving memory of our parents — Lynne and Bob Beal $200

In memory of Marie $100

Smithwick and Mariners postage fund and match $185

Merry Christmas — Skip and Charmine Smith $100

In honor of troops around the world $50

In loving memory of my husband, Leroy Rand — Joan $25

Janet and Arthur Perrin Jr. $100

Carole and Thomas Vail Jr. $100

In memory of the Pellissier and Grzybowski families $100

Patrick & Margaret McLaughlin $100

Today’s total: $3,600

Total to date: $116,949.88 

Dec. 25, 2010

Previously acknowledged: $94,607.06

In memory of David and Mary Whorf — Steven Whorf $2,000

Staff at CHADWICK–BaROSS Inc., Westbrook $500

In honor of the staff at Maine Medical and Mercy Hospitals by Maine Surgical Care Group $3,000

Employees Community Action Committee, Employees of General Dynamics — Saco $500

Smile! — Maine Professional Photographers Association $200

Steven and Martina Leibiger $200

Studio For the Living Arts Dance Center, Gray, Pulse Dance Company performance 12/9/10 $2,000

Anonymous $70.88

Margaret H. Smith $2,504.34

Mrs. Small’s 2nd Grade Class, Windham Primary School $100

Portland Newspaper Guild — Local 31128 $250

In loving memory of our granddaughter, Monique — Merrie and Tony Accuosti $1,000

Pamela Anzelc, D.D.S. $500

Mrs. Morton’s 4th grade class, Manchester School, Windham $50

Mrs. Hawthorne’s 2nd grade class, Windham Primary School $180

The children of Homeroom Emery–12, Waynflete School $400

In memory of Nathan Eloian — David and Mark $100

Sevee & Maher Engineers Inc. $500

Boy Scouts of America, Cub Scout Pack #47, Scarborough, Silent Auction Bake Sale $475

Employee Fund Committee, Brockway-Smith Co. $200

Diversified Communications $1,000

Carol Everett $50

12/18/10 Portland Pirates vs. Manchester Monarchs hockey game $372.60

Diane and Carl Walp $50

In loving memory of Manny $50

Anonymous $50

Mary Turner $50

In memory of Jeff and Nana. Love forever, The Charlton family $20

Anonymous $10

Merry Christmas to All! — M.M. $50

In loving memory of Larry and Brenton Soule — Jean C. Soule $50

In memory of our beloved friend, Anne Farley — The Cathedral Folk Group $75

In memory of our parents, Mr. Warren Herbert and Mr. and Mrs. Henry Ducharme $25

In loving memory of Rick Betters $25

In memory of Jim & Janice Owen $50

Merry Christmas — Christine Creighton $50

Peter Santoro $25

Donna Wagley $35

In memory of Pa Pa $25

Amy Woodhouse & Tobey Scott $200

Mr. and Mrs Jack Kingston $100

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Martin $100

IATSE Portland Local No. 114 $250

Ronnie Small, Friends of Bow Street Market $200

Mary Ann Rost $25

In memory of Paul and Peg Garvin — Dean and Donna Barbalias $25

Bill and Debra Mulvey $100

In memory of Zachary Lanouette — Emery and Barbara Howarth $50

Scott Woodward $50

Roger and Sally Knight $50

In memory of William Walton — Gregory Reynolds $250

In memory of Elmer and Marion Hildebrand and Eva Jackson — Richard and Linda Hildebrand $100

In memory of William Walton — Sarah Lucas and T.C. Hamlin $25

In memory of Joyce and Don and Bernice & Ron — Cindi Chapman $100

James Sidelinger $300

In loving memory of Justin — Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Thomas $25

Today’s total: $18,742.82

Total to date: $113,349.88

Dec. 24, 2010

Previously acknowledged: $91,172.06

In lieu of Xmas cards — Muriel C. Blanchard $25

John and Diane McFadden $100

In memory of Paul Sferes from his wife $300

In memory of Stanley and Violet Oliver and Ethel Blair $35

In loving memory of Bill and Connie Murphy $50

Keep up the good work — Westbrook Warren Women’s Fellowship $25

In memory of Ella and Bick $25

In memory of Carolyn and George Irwin — Kathleen & John Murphy $20

Roger and Lydia Percival, Naples, Fla. $25

Lawrence E. McDonald and Shelby L. Noyes $100

In memory of our goddaughter, Kristen Linscott — Kent and Wanda Pelkey $100

In memory of Mary and Donald Smith $50

Patricia and James Earley $25

Curtis and Janet Jodrie $100

Anonymous $100

In memory of Anne Sutton Coletti $50

In memory of my friend Mary Lannon $100

Joe and Bridget $150

In loving memory of George and Rosealine Clark — Tammy, Greg and Robbie $50

In loving memory of Keith and Betty Luther — Tammy, Greg & Robbie $50

In memory of our grandsons, Benjamin Clough & Seamus Nee $50

Merry Christmas — Mike and Bea Dalton and Tom and Mary Alice Dalton $50

Tom and Paula Hogan $200

Linda Jordan $25

Gwen M. Page $10

In loving memory of Angela Marie Cyr. Happy Birthday baby girl. In our hearts forever — your family $25

Jeffrey Dziadosz and Carolyn Brownhill $20

In memory of my mom, who loved Xmas — Margie $25

Malcolm & Carmen Weatherbie $100

In honor and love for Alanna, Jordan, Maria, Sam, Noah, Ethan, Lara, Dara, Finnegan and James. Happy Christmas — Gramma & Grampa $200

Great-grandsons Jacob, Jack, Miles and Granddaughter Emeline $100

In honor of Jordan, who has everything, especially our love — Phyllis and Bill Boyle $250

In memory of Bob Pickett — William and Dorothy Scott $100

In loving memory of our parents, Rey and Connie Tibbetts and John E. Cronin $100

In honor and memory of our loved ones. Merry Christmas! — Dan and Lisa Randall $200

Dick and Jill Gorham $100

Best Wishes from Drumlin Environmental LLC $150

In memory of my mother — Pauline A. Grant $250

Today’s total: $3,435

Total to date: $94,607.06

Dec. 23, 2010

Previously acknowledged: $86,267.06

In memory of Charlie and Betty Lawson $125

Merry Christmas — Sam and Marge DiBiase $40

Unum U/W Group Support $225

In memory of Steve and Marie — Stephen Graney $25

Gilbert’s Chowder House $100

Beatrice Lord $50

Anonymous $25

In memory of Susan Harvey — Meghan and Erin O’Donavan $100

Michael Conley Jr. $100

In loving memory of Eleanor Goodwin $25

Bill and Julie Lawlor $10

Silberstein/Marshall family $200

Thanks for all you do! — Rocky DeVinney $50

In memory of those who have served — Cape Elizabeth Fire Department Engine Co. No. 1 $300

In loving memory of Great-grammy Rachel $50

In loving memory of our parents Anna and Domenico Floridino and Philis Peverada. Love, Tony, Angie Peverada and family $100

In memory of Laurence Bogner $100

Sons of Amvets, Post 2 $100

In memory of Roger J. Gagnon, “Mr. Flag” $100

Rick and Kathryn Davis $25

In loving memory of Melvin and Ella Folland — Steve $50

In loving memory of John and Lorraine Feeney — Cindy $50

In memory of two women who lived exemplary lives and passed away in 2010: Connie Scully Sr. and her sister, Eileen M. Cullinan $25

In loving memory of John and Nancy Nicholas $25

Anonymous $100

In memory of my very special wife, Joyce! — E.W. Freeman $200

We love you Charlie — the Harris-Gips family $100

In loving memory of Russ Lord, and Flora and Howard Whipple $100

In memory of Dorothy Legassie from her loving family $300

Slapshot $25

In memory of Marjorie Ladd and her Christmas Spirit — the Thurlows $100

In memory of Mary D. Marden and Dennison M. Landry $25

Terrence and Joan Parent $100

Terry and Diane Snow $100

Michael and Mary Booth $300

Kermit & Suzanne McCormack $100

Westbrook Assembly #356, Knights of Columbus Fourth Degree $100

Lance and Daisy $100

“Sophie” Watson $15

Donald E. Starr $100

Door Services Inc. $200

Robert and Ann Rossi $30

In memory of Chester — Arrolyn $10

Ancient Order of Hibernians Division 1 $25

In memory of Granna Hilly and Woody $100

In memory of Bob Dout $100

Corner Stone Chapter #193 Order of the Eastern Star Past Matrons Association $25

Happy Holidays from Sunny $50

Remembering Tim Carr, who entered heaven on 12/18/09 $250

Don and Nancy Foshay $100

In loving memory of my husband, Henry $50

Tewhey Associates $100

Today’s total: $4,905

Total to date: $91,172.06

Dec. 22, 2010

Previously acknowledged: $82,948.06

Patrick Perreault $100

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Dexter $50

In memory of Whitfield Steele — William Steele $50

In honor of Rhonda Schaefer — Gerald LaSala $25

In memory of Janice Regan — Arthur Regan $100

In honor of Ms. Brett, Rachael, Hayden, Ava and Jack Emery — David and Sandra Dickison $100

In memory of Larry, Claire and Bob Willett — Clover Jordan $100

In memory of Ellen Graham — Patricia Pugisi $25

In memory of Bayley — Samuel Merrill $50

Susan Thomas $500

OA Centers For Orthopaedics Staff and Physicians $434

In memory of Bill and Elise Hunnewell — John Hunnewell $40

In memory of Brent Churchill — Mark Fairbanks $100

Sara Connolly $25

Mr. and Mrs. Neil Townsend Jr. $200

Dr. Michael Miller $1,000

Shawn Elliott $25

Philip Pedro $100

Craig Lindsay $25

In memory of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Hackett — Mr. John Hackett $50

In memory of Audrey and John Hochadel — Betsy Hochadel $20

Derek Berg $200

Today’s total: $3,319

Total to date: $86,267.06

Dec. 21, 2010

Previously acknowledged: $79,312.06

Robert and Julie Carter $100

Anonymous $75

David and Susan Wheatland $100

Marcia and Peter Webber $35

Amvets Post No. 25  $100

Merry Christmas from the 12 C’s $120

Deering Pavilion Residents Council $50

Merry Christmas – The Deans $25

In memory of Don and Dorrice Stimpson $50

In loving memory of Babe and Podge $100

In memory of our loved ones – F.S. $25

In memory of Barry M. Campbell 1947–1995 $100

Barley, I love you, I miss you. – Nannie $50

Richard and Kimberly Brooks $100

In memory of loved ones – Marty and Donna Craine $25

Michael and Joanna Flanders $50

Mickey and Lori Roussin $100

Thomas and Mary Emerson $50

In loving memory of Father Coleman P. O’Toole – John H. Sullivan $25

Kathy and Chuck Degrace $35

From our grandchildren Jen, Kiely, Chris, Tyler, Andrew, Elizabeth, Josiah and Mary $50

In loving memory of Ben Clough –  his family $250

In loving memory of Seamus Nee – The Cloughs $25

In loving memory of Joe Bernier – The Cloughs $25

Julia Swan $25

MiKe Scott $30

Millie and Gillie $100

In memory of Cynthia Lawhorn Oja…the love goes on $75

Anonymous $25

Y.F.III and Sarah Hardcastle $100

The Schnapp/Almy family $100

In memory of my parents, Blanche and Fernald Goulette $50

Guinness and Luna $100

In loving memory of Helen J. Flaherty – RJM $53

Matthew and Jennifer Gilbert $100

In memory of Carroll and Doris Burbank $128

Theodore and Evelyn Brissette $35

Merry Christmas to Bruce and his helpers $100

In memory of Mattie – Tom and Ann Pelosi $100

In loving memory of Debra Chase O’Brion – Mom and Dad $100

In loving memory of Tony Sesto and Kay Nowak $100

Bob and Phyllis Wagstaff $100

Anonymous $100

The Cutler Family $50

In loving memory of my canine buddy, Symba – Vesta R. Rand $25

The Whelan Family $100

In memory of Kevin Durnin. God Bless him $30

Roger W. Dolan $50

In memory of Gatsby $50

In memory of Art R. Riley Jr., his father “Ray” Riley Sr. and “Larry” and Dot Reynolds. Memories of yesterday–Carol Riley $50

David and Kathy Hawkes of Ellsworth $20

North Yarmouth Woodworking  $75

Today’s total: $3,636

Total to date: $82,948.06

Dec. 20, 2010

Previously acknowledged: $76,022.06

Matt and Will $250

Merry Christmas! Tom, Beth, Bobby and Tyler Pratt $35

James and Pauline Salter $50

In loving memory of our parents, Carl and Millie Maksut $50

In loving memory of our parents, Joseph and Jacqueline Gagne $50

For the children from Gigi $25

Evan and Noah Harmon from Florida $25

Patricia M. and John R. Chesebro $35

CQ Associates $250

Anonymous $1,000

ECB and GRB $100

In memory of Alma P. Phillips $25

In memory of Uncle Carl $25

Albert Nelson $25

Paul and Stephanie Castle $50

Hannah and Griffin $50

For the children, in memory of my husband Ron — V. Martin $25

In memory of Keara and Conner Quint $20

Bruce and Marion Hopkins $100

Steven M. Langerman $15

In memory of Stanley and Violet Oliver $50

Margaret Shively, John Williamson and Sandra Williamson $60

Richard F. Foss $100

Happy Faces — Donna Lee $50

Thank you so much for what you do $30

Delores, Linda and Ann $50

In memory of Barbara Bolster, who loved Christmas $100

In Jesus’ name $25

Sanity Klause $100

Alan W. Sampson $50

In lieu of Xmas cards — Robert and Ann Carson $100

Richard and Joan Brooks $300

In memory of Bill and Alice Amero $70

Today’s total: $3,290

Total to date: $79,312.06 

Dec. 19, 2010

Previously acknowledged: $59,950.54

Merry Christmas to our kids — South Portland Golf Boosters $1,500

Scarborough Lions Club $500

Barry and Patricia Unnold $400

Couleur Collection, November 26-28 Event $1,215.70

John R. and Helen M. Huard $1,000

The 10 Gorman Grandkids $1,000

Cumberland County Employees $731

Westbrook High School Spanish Club $500

The Iggy S. Schwartz family $300

Friends of Bruce Roberts, South Portland $685

In memory of Charlie “Santa” Kilbride — Greg MacDowell, Sons of the American Legion Squadron 197 Westbrook $100

To honor the Technical Operations Team at Wright Express Corp. from The “TOPS” Leadership Team $400

Anthony and Staci Dill $500

Fore River Dock and Dredge Inc. $250

Vreeland Marketing and Design $250

Merry Christmas from AM-AT-UER SERVICE $500

In memory of Marthann Hartford — Buzz and Sandra Hartford $50

Merry Christmas — Joyce & Bill $200

Employees of United Insurance — Falmouth location jeans day fund $200

Civil Rights Team, Memorial Middle School South Portland $250

In memory of deceased Lions — South Portland Lions Club $700

In loving memory of George and Lee $1,000

Brian and Erin, wonderful grandchildren $25

Avery Yale Kamila $100

Anonymous $100

Phyllis Lynn Reames $100

Shana Dimatteo $50

Marla and Matthew Muzzy $250

Merry Christmas — Lorraine Sarno $10

Best Wishes — Russell $250

In loving memory of our parents, William and Martha Horr — Dick, Jill and family $25

In loving memory of our parents, Miles and Roberta Thompson — Dick, Jill and family $25

On behalf of our three grandchildren: Gryphon, Zoe and Drake $25

A blessed Christmas — Jim and Jean Davis $25

Louis and Sharon Campbell $100

Merry Christmas — Charlie and Rita Tranter $25

In memory of E.B.A. $100

Merry Christmas — Kevin and Sheryl Jones $100

Port Property Management $250

In memory of my Richard — Irene Kerrigan $25

In the name of Christine Anderson $100

Ben Odom $150

Jane and Gary Farmer $50

John L. Adams $20

Anonymous $30

Anonymous $50

In honor of siblings. Merry Christmas — John and Kathy Leach $100

Paul Loring $100

BooCoo Bruce Roberts Auction $1,454.82

In memory of the late Eddie Gillis and his late son, Mark — Edward Gillis $100

In memory of Ms. Mary E. McCue, RN — Edward Gillis $100

Today’s total: $16,071.52

Total to date: $76,022.06 

Dec. 18, 2010

Previously acknowledged: $57,215.54

Merry Christmas to Mrs. Hollie Simmons. Love, Jane Richardson $50

Merry Christmas to Roger Rollins. Love, Jane Richardson $50

In memory of our boys, David and Bruce $100

In loving memory of our Papa, Mike Dicky, who loved us and Christmas — Katelynne and Brandon Ruel $25

Gaston Lee $50

Betty Bailey $25

Donald Goodwin $100

Anne E. Scanlon $25

In memory of my family — Helen Noonan $100

Merry Christmas! — Helen L. Clements $100

In honor of our boys, Baxter and Carter $50

In lieu of gifts for Erik and Molly — Paula Hill $100

In memory of Otto $50

In loving memory of Jack Hines — The Family $25

Lucille and Gene Clark $25

In memory of Donald A. Lefebvre — Teresa Lefebvre $30

Merry Christmas to all! — Betsy and Bob Davis $50

Great memories of Sylvia Gorlatis — dear friends, Louise and Herb $50

In loving memory of our daughter Roxanne Adams — Herb and Louise $50

Anonymous $50

The Marr family $100

Darryl Arsenault $20

The G.H. Anderson family $25

Anonymous $75

In honor of Long Island Town Hall staff $75

In memory of Nora — Aunt Amy $100

In memory of Kenneth Cleaves and Lane Fraser, both of whom loved Christmas — Ethel and Ernie Carmolli $50

In loving memory of our beloved grandson, Kyle Daniel Rogers. Loving and missing you always, Gram and Gramp $50

J O C I J I A N N A (60 Yr) $250

In loving memory of our mothers, Kit Hellyar-Brook and Jane Oreskovich — Roger, Joyce and son Harry $75

In memory of Dr. Ferris Ray from JoAnn and Vic $100

Timothy and Ellen Jane Nastro $50

Ray and Jane Dupee $50

Anonymous $100

Improved Order of Redmen Sawga Tribe #20 $50

In loving memory of Allison Broadbent Beahm $50

Dale and Faye Van Gilder $100

Joan Pelletier $25

Peter Yeackel and Tara Nelsen-Yeackel $10

In loving memory of my wife, Louise, from Bill $25

Craig Linscott $200

Virginia M. Dowler $25

In memory of Sallie Ramsay Hesketh $25

Today’s total: $2,735

Total to date: $59,950.54 

Dec. 17, 2010

Previously acknowledged: $54,899.54

Margaret Groban $100

Alexandra Wilkins $20

Wendy Goodwin $100

In memory of Harry Burnham — Ted Baltas Jr. $100

In memory of Grandma, Gammy, Papa and Bobby — Robert Davis $100

In honor of Francis Madeira — Roxana Pratt $50

Mike and Theresa Mercier $100

William Wells $100

Richard and Lynne Gammon $100

In memory of Foxy $10

In memory of Josephine Pizzo Mills — Jeffrey A. Mills $25

In memory of Gama $100

In loving memory of Amos Sturgeon, from his wife Marjorie and family $50

In memory of Grampy Jim — Barbara Towers $50

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Corbin $100

Anonymous $100

Mr. and Mrs. Rick Olfene $50

Prentiss and Leslie Weiss $36

In memory of those no longer with us $100

Rick and Cathy Kostelnik $500

In honor of Orthopaedic Associates Centers for Orthopaedics — Mary Borelli Bean $200

In memory of R.J. Fissmer — Leslie Fissmer $100

In memory of Patricia M. Talbot — Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Talbot $25

In honor of James Ward. Merry Christmas! — Jill, Ched, Michael and Nicholas $100

Today’s total: $2,316

Total to date: $57,215.54 

Dec. 16, 2010

Previously acknowledged: $50,539.50

Elizabeth Johnson $100

In loving memory of Jim and Madeline Pillsbury and Edwin Douglas $25

In loving memory of Grace L. Field — Sumner M. Field $100

Just my Bill $25

In memory of Derek $50

In honor of my sisters and brother, Nancy Keeler, Betsey Webber, Jerry Webber and Mary Taylor. Merry Christmas — Jerry Angier $100

Molly, Maggie and the girls $40

In appreciation of Pastor Bill — St. Ansgar Sewing Ladies $50

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to a great group of volunteers. You make it all happen! — M. Barbara Eddy $100

In memory of Mert and Prudy Leary $100

In memory of Moxie and Tar Sherman — Frisky Sherman $100

In lieu of Christmas Cards. Merry Christmas and a happy, healthy 2011. — Nancy and Larry Shackley $25

Insurance Trust $50

In loving memory of Margo and Bill Wright $100

Burnell’s Towing $50

In loving memory of Keith Leighton $10

In memory of our nephew Joe — Richard and Joanne Sullivan $100

Anonymous $200

Richard and Evelyn Leriche $100

Merry Xmas — Everett and Margaret Mathews $50

The members of North Scarborough Grange $47

Melissa H.Costello $35

Anonymous $50

Jane S. Moody $50

Derinda W. Cluff $25

Hunter and Jasper $25

In Memory of a Mother’s LoveGTW $100

Murray Family Foundation $100

Kenneth and Nancy Gordon $100

In memory of Dr.and Mrs. Eugene McManamy $25

In honor of Lee and Mara and in memory of Joshua $30

From POP $30

Brian, Maribeth and Sean Williamson $100

Freeman and Associates $50

Merry Xmas! — Carol Poirier $25

Dick and Ann Couillard $50

Anonymous $50

In memory of Ray D. Gibson $10

In memory of Dwight Packard $130

Georgietta Varrell $100

Cody the Coon Cat $75

John and Judith Rastl $200

Frank and Nancy Fowles $50

In loving memory of Francis and Helen Ball McDonald, who always made Christmas special– Steve, Maureen and Katie Farrell $30

In memory of Bump — Amanda, Kyra and Susan $20

William and Delrene Goodnow $50

Reta J. Morrill $25

Anna, Louis and Marie $10

Merry Christmas — Kathy and Jerry Lapointe $50

Nathaniel and Karen Hammond $100

Stanley Allain and Kathleen Murray–Allain $300

In loving memory of Joseph D. and Mary H. Rourke and Martin and Catherine Murphy $100

In loving memory of Thomas J. and Elizabeth G. Murphy $100

From the Christmas gathering of 2010 $90

Ruth Minihane $25

In loving memory of Mike Johnston, Sr. from wife Dale $25

Irene S. Zeller $100

Bowdoin Medical Group Offices, South Portland $63.04

In memory of our parents, Mr. and Mrs. John H. Plaisted and Mr. and Mrs. Antonio J. Boucher — Richard and Nancy Plaisted $25

Frederick and Diane Kaufman $25

Merry Christmas from Gidion and Violet $50

In memory of Marie $25

Patricia and Edward Kalinoski $20

In loving memory of Davey Cousins — Mom and Dad $20

In memory of John L.Myers, M.D. $75

In memory of Frank S. O’Donnell $50

Thomas and Elna Ann Stone $50

Today’s total: $4,360.04

Total to date: $54,899.54 

Dec. 15, 2010

Previously acknowledged: $46,728.50

Edna and Richard Krull, M.D. $100

Joan Campbell $50

Terri Jones $10

Beth and Scott Benson $100

In memory of our parents, John and Kay Keefe, from the family $100

In memory of Rick $25

Janet H. Mordarski $25

Adah and Herb Ginn $200

Lia and Joshua $25

Jon Moulton $25

Kenneth and Jill Ryan $100

Susan Stiles $50

In memory of Jane R. Mulkern, from Bill, Barb, Madison and Milo $25

In loving memory of Grandpa Bull. Love, Eric, Bethany and Jamie $25

Bill and Valerie Sowles $250

In memory of Nan and Grampa Dunton, from Harrison and Drake $50

In memory of Eleanor Morris, from Charles $100

C. Holt $35

Judith and Walter Deskus Jr. $100

Janet and Jim Bither $100

Anonymous $50

Anonymous $100

Merry Christmas from John and Linda McCormick $100

Women’s Federation, Immanuel Baptist Church $15

The Foss Co. $100

Merry Christmas from the Jamieson family $100

Love, Bob E. and Dozer $50

Betty, Barb and Anna $30

McCormick and Bouchard Eye Care LLC $150

In memory of Nancy “Mimi” McHugh $25

In loving memory of Jean L. Deshaies, from his grandchildren $50

Sylvia Kraemer $25

In loving memory of Mom and Dad $25

Robert and Carolyn Strachan $100

Anonymous $35

In loving memory of Reita Andren, who loved children, from Peg Emerson $100

Merry Christmas from Phil and Diane $100

Peter Rolfe and Caroline Denham $500

In memory of Estelle Hennessee $50

Anne Peterson and Calvin Kendall $25

Lowell and Patricia Pease $50

Mark “Tux” Turkel $50

Judy and Charlie Micoleau $100

In loving memory of Grandma and Jack Gilmartin $50

Lots of love from Ross, Sam and Cooper $71

The MacVicars $100

In memory of Ann and Joan Rocheleau $50

James Buck $10

A joyous Christmas to all, from Nicholas and Andrew Varipatis $25

In loving memory of Frannie, Alice, Packy and “Margie” $50

Merry Christmas to Mrs. Lewia, Mrs. Spang and Mrs. Case — Rachel, Noelle and Julia $30

Today’s total: $3,811

Total to date: $50,539.50

Dec. 14, 2010

Previously acknowledged: $42,948.50

For a child from a friend $20

John and Eleanor Davis $10

In memory of George, Lucy and Arnie $50

Ruth Hamm $20

Maggie, Katie and Gregory $25

In loving memory of Dad Elmer Constant – Ester and Gardner Graffam $50

With the blessings of our dear grandchildren, Hannah, Griffin and Emmett Deschenes – Irene and Rick O’Donnell $100

Charles and Ann Spaulding $300

Neal Perry $20

In loving memory of Linda J. Mills $50

God Bless! Shirley $25

In memory of Diana Candage – Pamela C. Ames $25

In memory of Roger and Brent  $20

In loving memory of Roman Maxsimic $50

In loving memory of Andrew – Caroline Janover $50

In memory of Reginald and Virginia Gammon and Joshua and Evelyn Libby $20

Walter and Karen Rumery $25

“Gram” $25

Anonymous $500

Merry Christmas to Nanny and Jim Ricker – Hannah and Cole $30

In memory of our beloved dog, Brindle Sue $20

Fore Street Gallery $100

In memory of Philip Albert – Helene Albert $25

Gerard and Simone Caron $35

E. Jane and James Lombard $25

Friends of Bartlett Circle $100

Richard Foss-Lacey $25

Robert and Nancy Peck $100

Anonymous $50

Darrell and Judith LaChance $25

In honor of The Thursday Night Girls $25

In memory of Gramp Andy and Grampy John from John Andrew Cox $120

In memory of Bud and Helen Elwell and Robert Leo $50

Norman Buehne Sr. $25

Mainville-Payson family $50

In memory of Sherry Swinburne. Merry Christmas! Tracey and Tony Schwartz $100

Toni Hinds $50

jayne and bill $50

In loving memory of Uncle Ed, Aunt Connie, Aunt Eileen – Paul Cullinan and Mitzi Burb $200

ZGB/JEB $150

Treekeepers LLC – Johnson’s Arboriculture  $250

Merry Christmas – Helen L. Peterson  $20

Edward L. and Jo P. Bradley $50

In loving memory of my husband, Leslie Bennett – Barbara $25

In loving memory of Grammie Dot from the Irish family $80

In loving memory of Ronald Bard – Imelda Bard $50

Elizabeth Shively $20

In memory of Ernest W. Rollins and Art and Ada Dysinger $20

In memory of Richard Ploss – Debora Schofield $50

Hester Stuhlman $20

The Hodgman Kids – Izzy, Abby, Anna, Emma and Lucy $25

In memory of Patty and Randy Tomlin  $20

Edward and Marilyn Clegg $100

Debra and Clifford Walker $50

In memory of my beloved Bob, the love of my life. Simone $25

In honor of our granddaughter, Taylor Jane – Jackie and Ed Robinson $50

Marion and William Vierow $60

In memory of the Conant, Reed, McAloney families – Ed and Dorothy Reed McAloney $25

Paul Schlosser $100

Today’s total: $3,780

Total to date:  $46,728.50

Dec. 13, 2010

Previously acknowledged: $39,503.50

ODAT Machine Inc. $2,000

For Wrigley $100

In memory of Nelson Stephens — Irene Stephens $50

In honor of Jonathan Hedman — Carrie Hedman $25

In memory of Elsine and Priscilla — Bill and Micki Meggison $300

In memory of Pauline Grant — Russ and Liz Grant $50

In memory of Anita Palmer $50

In memory of Jean Fortin $50

In memory of Francis Fortin $50

In memory of Aunt Nancy — Brigitte Kingsbury $100

In memory of Mr. and Mrs. John Scanlan — Jean Scanlan $100

In honor of Charlie, Anna and Will — Charles Horstmann $25

Dan Woodhouse $50

In honor of Marjorie Twombly — Dale, Nick, Stephanie and Alexandra $100

Dr. William Boucher $100

In memory of my husband, Eddie. Love, Jeanette $20

In loving memory of Harold L. Lewis and Mr. and Mrs. Percy Bickford — Persis and Gerald Chase $50

In memory of Hasket Hildreth $25

In the name of Ann Lowry $200

Today’s total: $3,445

Total to date: $42,948.50 

Dec. 12, 2010

Previously acknowledged: $31,029

11/26/10 Portland Pirates vs. Springfield Falcons hockey game $852

12/07/10 Portland Pirates vs. Worcester Sharks hockey game $366.50

12/03/10 Maine Red Claws vs. Fort Wayne Mad Ants 50/50 $500

Skillin’s Greenhouses/Red Claws event $740

In memory of Caoimhe $1,000

In memory of Art Lester $500

In honor of Kim, Sue and Paul, Dick and Jean, Kel and Eline, KC and Elise and Grandmother. Merry Christmas — Dick and Evie $500

In memory of M.K. Higgins, who loved children everywhere $500

E. James and Eileen P. Ferland $300

In memory of those I love — SMK $25

In loving memory of Frank and Rick $20

Lori and James Boyle $25

In memory of Mark Evans Ware $100

In memory of Mark Sarapas, “Shadow Santa” $80

Chester Plummer $30

Wishing all children could have a Merry Christmas — Maine Association of School Psychology $100

Merry Christmas — Kathleen C. Potrepka $50

In memory of loved ones — Arlene Tyler $25

To help make Christmas happy for someone $25

T.C. and D.R. Mathieu $100

Paul and Ellen Regan $100

In memory of my brother, Peter — Connie Ortolani $100

Peter Murray $100

In memory of Pearl and Edmund Conley and Norman Roy — JoAnne and David Roy $50

In lieu of gifts for our doctors — happy holidays! Casco Bay EyeCare Scarborough team $40

Anonymous $50

Jane M. Mullen $25

In loving memory of Blanche Huntley (G.G.), Louis Peters (Gramps) and Virgil Plaisted Sr. (Pa) — John and Linda Peters $75

In memory of PTW, APW, Tom, Raelyn and Krista $30

In memory of Jeanne and George Marois, from daughter Theresa $200

In memory of Evangeline, James and Vernon Williams, from the boys $200

Whitney and Maria Gabriel Drake $250

In memory of James and Eleanor Kehoe and Raymond Davignon $150

In loving memory of our beloved Bentley, Danny Bellino and the Rev. and Mrs. Robert Haldane Sr., Merry Christmas — Dave and Cathy $100

In memory of John Calnan $100

In loving memory of Jason A. Yates $30

Anonymous $50

Charles and Marylee Dodge $100

In memory of my cat, Muffy Tully $10

Marthena Hackenberg $35

M. and R.J. LoBuglio $50

In honor of James, Janea, Joseph and Jacob Bertsch — Lori Benson $100

Merry Christmas from K.A.K. $30

In loving memory of Chud, who loved children $25

In loving memory of Uncle Bob $50

In memory of Maurice McCarthy $25

In loving memory of my husband, Leland Fisk, from Peg $25

In memory of Lora A. Lemanski $50

In memory of John J. Curran Sr., Paul W. Curran and Annie B. Arbeely $100

In memory of Jim Donahue — Joe and Judy $100

In memory of Grammy and Grampy Sandberg $25

The Lappins $25

In loving memory of Dick and Mary Schumacher and Rick Beckwith — Ed and Inge $50

In memory of Mark Buotte — Love, Mom, Kathy and Bruce $50

Jeanne F. Kinney $100

Judith Weisman $36

Today’s total: $8,474.50

Total to date: $39,503.50

Dec. 11, 2010

Previously acknowledged: $29,409

In honor of Ron Lemieux — Lisa Lemieux $100

In loving memory of Stephanie and Joseph Germani. Love, Anthony Chiasson $250

In memory of Mr. and Mrs. Peter and Joan Carpenter, great parents who made great Christmases — Peter Carpenter $100

In memory of Mrs. Laurie Campbell — Clay Campbell $25

In memory of Frederick and Dorothy Daley — David DuBay $55

In memory of my loving husband, Gus $10

Dean and Jane Evans $30

Bethany Abbott, Dallas, Texas $100

In memory of Phil — Henrietta Larou $100

Bates Family $100

In memory of John F. Porter — Grampa’s Boys and Papa’s Girls $20

In loving memory of husband Clyde Page, our parents, sisters and brothers and infant grandson $50

Nancy, John and Andrew $25

In loving memory of Fred and Lillian and John Wolstenhulme $25

In loving memory of Helen Howard, Murray Howard, Kimberly Jean Sawyer, TJ, Midnight and Zero $25

In memory of Robert Bruce Jr. $100

In memory of Jeanne E. $25

In memory of Byron $25

In honor of The Thrift Shop Ladies — Chebeague Island Grange #576 $25

In memory of OPA from Vivienne, Grant, Anna and Zoe $50

In memory of Lorraine and George Libby $50

In memory of Kathy Lowell, Andy Lowell, Jim Straub, Kay Straub and Tom Straub $50

In honor of our grandchildren Piper and Scarlett Floyd — Grammie and Grampy Floyd $50

Ann and Stewart McAllister $100

A. and H. Kunin $30

Gavin Seamus $100

Today’s total: $1,620

Total to date: $31,029 

Dec. 10, 2010

Previously acknowledged: $28,042

In lieu of Xmas cards — Keith and Janice Rogers $25

James and Lisa Beecher $50

In loving memory of Dick Britton $100

In memory of Richard, Margaret, Dick and Bob Busby $150

Virginia Price $15

Anonymous $150

Anita Haskell $35

Ladd and Fitzcharles family in Maine $102

In memory of Patty Bruns on her Christmas birthday $100

Anonymous $25

In memory of Eugene C. Kelley Jr. — James McFeeley $100

Richard Barrows $25

Ronald and Patricia Harwood $50

In memory of Aunt Mary Gower, who loved children $50

Phillip M. Reynolds $50

Julia Stebbins $25

Joan W. Moore $25

In loving memory of my parents, Isabelle and Harold Schumacher — Doris Lyons $25

Linda M. Hanscom $35

Patricia and Jerrell Messner $25

Joan and Robert Nigro Jr. $50

Joy and Peace! — Claire Brooks $25

Michael and Amy Jurgen $25

In memory of my husband, Robert M. Levine — Jean M. Levine $100

Anonymous $5

Today’s total: $1,367

Total to date: $29,409 

Dec. 9, 2010

Previously acknowledged: $25,942

Nancy Casner Babcock $25

Edward B. Babcock, M.D. $25

In loving memory of my mother, Kay N. $25

In memory of our Nanny, Margaret T. Wallace, from Meghan, Ashley, Rachel and Mary $25

In memory of Katie Dykes, from Meghan and Nancy $20

In memory of our son, Ross Kelso, from Ray and Carrie Kelso $100

In memory of Warren Barter, who loved Christmas, from his family $25

Anonymous $100

For Those In Uniform, from Owen and Susan O’Donnell $150

Paul and Noreen Basque $50

In memory of Fred Brown, from Spurwink Rod and Gun Club $100

Libby-Mitchell American Legion Post No. 76 $200

In loving memory of Scott, from Lindsay $20

In loving memory of “The World’s Best Storekeeper” $10

In memory of my brother, Maurice L. Hincks $25

In memory of Joe Kelley, from the Fryes $50

Fred J. Foley $100

Joan and Arthur Cope $25

In memory of David Poirier $20

Jeff and Hope $100

Patricia and Oliver Andrews III $50

Anonymous $25

In loving memory of Fred and Kay Cavanaugh and George Earley. Merry Christmas from Terry and Katie Earley $100

In loving memory of Belinda and Leslie Gray $25

In loving memory of Iola and Raymond Leavitt $25

C. Francis Egan $50

Ruth A. Vickerson $20

Dayle and Stephen Moreau $50

William G. Zetwick $25

Happy Holidays to all! from Rick and Charlotte Coggins $100

Thomas Coffey $10

Teresa and Donald Holden $100

In memory of “Casey” $25

In loving memory of our great grandparents, Emmons and Joan Johnson, from Daniel, Elizabeth and Sean $200

Gigi $100

Today’s total: $2,100

Total to date: $28,042

Dec. 8, 2010

Previously acknowledged: $22,927

Anonymous $40

Merry Christmas – Bud and Ginny $100

Lorna and F. Donald Dorsey Jr. $100

In loving memory of Alice Ladyszewski from her daughter $50

Anonymous $50

May this gift bring joy to those in need – Tina and Johnny $25

Harlow and Margaret Lazott $35

In loving memory of George Grise and Georgia Ross $25

Abby Snyder and John, Donald and Caroline Bennett $50

Jamie Dean $25

Gregory and Debra Tait $25

In memory of my loved ones – Patricia Clark $100

The Joy of Owen and Avacyn $20

Thank you for continuing this great project! – Suzanne and Cornelius McGinn $500

In memory of Gordon and Ruth Wygant and Wilbur and Dorothy Dunn $100

Karin  and Vince Bouvier $150

Portland Longshoreman’s Benevolent Society ILA Local 861 $250

In memory of Nora A. Nappi $100

Tesi Sue $50

Anonymous $100

Everett and Louise Kennedy $100

Kathleen and Richard Rummler $100

Marie E. Rose $100

Barbara C. Reed $50

Dick and Bev Intravaia $25

In memory of my Dad $25

James and Mary Currie $25

Richard  and Nancy Lemieux $100

In loving memory of my Dad, Bill Owen. I miss you, Susan $100

In loving memory of my husband, Bill Owen. Love, Esther $100

Michael and Mary Stevens $25

Alan and Carol Sockloff  $100

In memory of John and Anna Jones – Lloyd and Beverly Jones $50

In memory of Thomas F. Wood, Lida Wood Hamilton, Thomas M. Wood and Ronald E. Wood – Beverly and Lloyd Jones $50

Mookie and Fluffy $50

Merry Christmas, Ruth E. Putney $25

In memory of my brother Francis $20

In honor of Brandon and Connor. Love, Grandma $50

Richard and Charlotte Streeter $25

Today’s total: $3,015

Total to date: $25,942 

Dec. 7, 2010

Previously acknowledged: $20,017

Rowe and Rona Metcalf $100

Davis and Jane Hartwell $50

Merry Christmas! – Steven and Sandra Capriola $30

In memory of “Ski” $200

Frank and Irene Heymann $40

William Goodykoontz and Deborah Hart $30

In memory of Wayne Kantz – Janet K. Kantz  $100

Michael Hollyday $50

Northeast Concrete Pumping Corp. $500

Alan and Sharon Alexander $100

Arkie and Edna $25

Barbara A. Henckel $300

Irish Boyz S.C. $10

In memory of Bob Gagnon and Irene Kendall – Margaret and Jerry Kendall $100

In memory of my husband, Buzz – Linda Littell  $100

In memory of Ian Julier – Lynne, Dave and Jade  $50

In memory of Ann Waterhouse $50

The Beacon Club $100

In memory of Carl M. Rivotto $25

John Speropoulos Jr. and Harriet S. Wallerstein $25

In memory of our nephew, Tony Richards $100

Handyman Rental  $150

One Stop Party Shoppe $150

In lieu of local Christmas cards. Merry Christmas! – Walter and Jean Burnell  $40

In memory of my sister Nancy Chambers – Sidney and Florence Tibbetts $50

Jen, Melissa, Heather and Jonathan $40

Ripon and Jessie Haskell $50

Keith Cann $20

Carlton and Joan Leach $100

James and Joan Staffaroni $25

Karen and Charles Strandberg $100

In memory of Pat, Paul, John and Eleanor. Merry Christmas – Don and Paula Ahern $25

Ronald Brown $25

Helen Anderson $50

Today’s total: $2,910

Total to date: $22,927

Dec. 6, 2010

Previously acknowledged: $18,227

In memory of Charlie and Nancy Wynne — the Rosengrens $30

In memory of J. Norman Martin from his wife Dot and his children, who miss him always $35

Polly Carmichael $50

In memory of Rev. Albert R. Phillips — Betty Phillips $25

In memory of our grandparents Blanche and Joe Capelluti — Jill and Andrew Capelluti $50

Ian M. and Florence H. White $75

In honor of family members, Reverend Mike Foutek and Doug — Patti Lacombe $40

Anonymous $50

Danuta M. Barnard $50

Carol Grundstrom $100

Anonymous $100

Merry Christmas! — Bryony Brett $25

Special Christmas wishes from the Rose and Harnsberger families $100

Anonymous $10

In memory of Johnny $10

Merry Christmas — Jack and Virginia Clements $250

In memory of our grandfather, who loved Xmas — Annie and Jim $25

In memory of Bill Murphy $30

In lieu of local Christmas cards — Elizabeth and George Moberg $50

In loving memory of Susan Jean Stevens. We love you and miss you — Dad, Mom, Rick, Eric and Tim $100

Christa and Herbert Fricke $25

In memory of loved ones — Becky Carr $50

Merry Christmas — Bev and Jack Daley $35

In loving memory of Roland and Gladys Langley — Jane Warren $30

Eileen and Wallace Garroway $50

In memory of Stanley F. Sampson Jr. $50

Beta Sigma Phi Maine Eta Master Chapter $50

In memory of Ralph and Barbara Patterson $25

In memory of Butler Pratt Jr. — Ester Pratt and “Boots” $20

Anonymous $200

In loving memory of Barbie Jones $50

Today’s total: $1,790

Total to date: $20,017

Dec. 5, 2010 

Previously acknowledged: $11,457

Speedy Stop Inc. $1,000

In memory of NECHOH $1,000

Wyman Station staff and employees $300

May the blessings of Christmas be with you. A grateful Grammy/Ammy of 10! $500

In memory of Susan Donnell Konkel $500

In memory of Uncle “Bill” Rioux and the joy he brought with him at Christmas $100

For our dear kids — Phyllis Bishop $10

Georgina M. Irving $100

In memory of Steven and Donald Keating by family $200

In memory of Tony and Betty Procurot — love, John and Linda Ford $25

Lawrence D. Bennett $100

The Tuesday Group $50

Ivy Rebekah Lodge #5 I.O.O.F. $25

The Candelore family $200

William A Pond Sr. $200

Merry Christmas from the B’s $150

David and Allyson Howe $150

In loving memory of our parents and grandparents $400

Nancy B. Johnson $500

Laddie Deemer $200

In memory of Ken, Karen & Sue $100

The Office of Drs. Molander and Brennan and staff $260

In loving memory of Bob Hamblen from wife, Mary, and sons Jim, Terry and Steve $50

Eleanor Scribner $100

Hillcrest Community Center Association $100

In memory of my mother, Isabelle Caldwell — Judith Caldwell-Manion $100

Merry Christmas from Jonathan Brock and Ashley LaChance $100

In loving memory of Conrad Boulanger from his family $50

International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, Local Union 567 $100

In memory of Linda J. Doughty from her family $100

Today’s total: $6,770

Total to date: $18,227 

Dec. 4, 2010

Previously acknowledged: $10,157

In memory of Gary Brown from his family. Merry Christmas to all! $25

In the name of my wife and our mother, Pauline Grant — the Grant family $150

In loving memory of my parents $200

Penni Lee $100

Lynn, Stephanie, Ethan and Noah Eckersley-Ray $50

Ms. Stella DelTergo and The Super Girl $250

Steve and Susan Gross $25

In memory of Althea, Phil, Laurel and Ken — Deborah and Kurt Marston $200

David and Linda Kirstein $100

Eric Pflugradt $100

John Doughty $100

Today’s total: $1,300

Total to date: $11,457

Dec. 3, 2010

Previously acknowledged: $7,107

Anonymous $20

In memory of Jim – Peg O’Leary $10

Anonymous $50

Merry Christmas – Nancy and Steve $100

Anonymous $100

In loving memory of my grandmother, Mary Shapazian, and my aunt, Margaret Shapazian – Patti $25

In loving memory of my husband, David Barter – Patti $25

In memory of Brian Joseph – Martine Morin Boissonneault $50

In loving memory of my husband, Ron B. $100

In memory of Timothy Robert Hunter – Mom, Dad and Debbie $40

Peter and Lorraine Webber $50

Wendy A. Kemp $20

In loving memory of John S. MacKenzie $25

In loving memory of Robert P. Snyder and Carolyn B. Snyder $100

In loving memory of Michelle E. Lemaire – Mary Lou and Normand Lemaire $50

W. Joan Bartlett $50

In memory of loved ones $30

Marcia Miller $50

In memory of Dr. Harold Jones $100

Gorham Memorial VFW Post 10879 $25

In loving memory of Rose Darling, Adeline Bailey and Ralph Steed $75

Anonymous $100

Edwin and Cynthia Heisler $200

In memory of my son, Leroy Tucker – Eva Giro $25

In loving memory of Alice Davis – Debbie and Mick $50

Anonymous $100

In memory of Patrick Dolan Davis $50

In loving memory of Larry and Darlene Holston – Allen and Deborah Cairns $50

Cookie $25

Brian K. Berry $50

Libby-Mitchell American Legion Post 76 baseball team $100

In loving memory of Danny P., who loved Christmas – Gram K. $10

Former Civilian Conservation Corps young men and women and members of Chapter 111, CCC Legacy group $100

In memory of Irvin C. Cyr – Love, Carmen and Meghan $10

In memory of our loved ones – Harold Warren and Dolores Carver $50

In memory of John and Lorena Knight and Red, Marie and Gayle Crapser – Dick and Nan Knight  $25

Barbara C. Willey $50

Charlie T. Fisher $50

Carolyn D. Bird $100

In loving memory of Allen and David – Bev and Charlie Sowerby $100

Pamela J. and Ralph G. Hillman Jr. $50

Arnold and Susan Harmon $50

Adele Mack $10

In loving memory of our parents, Stan and Ruth Blake, and our sister, Janet Blake – Linda Cooper and Bonnie Kam $50

In loving memory of Joseph Konon. We miss you – Tom, Maureen, Anthony and Nathan $25

Jim and Jackie Durant $100

In memory of our sister-in-law, Pauline Grant $50

Bobbie and Cliff Thomas $25

In memory of Phil and Connie – David R. Boston $100

In memory of Nana $50

In memory of my brothers, Charles and Ernest Howe – Arnold Howe $25

Edward and Catherine Peterson $150

In memory of my Mom, Thelma Gould $25

Today’s total: $3,050

Total to date: $10,157

Nov. 30, 2010

Previously acknowledged: $3,417

The GE Foundation Matching Gifts Program $175

Michael Conley — The Home Depot Foundation Matching Gift Program $100

Employee Fund Committee at Brockway-Smith Co. $100

Katharine and Robert York, Wells Fargo Home Mortgage Sharing Advantage Program $300

Today’s total: $675

Total to date
: $4,092

Nov. 29, 2010

Previously acknowledged: $2,481

Wendy L. Jewett $70

Women of the Moose, Portland Chapter 1971 $75

Linda Busby $50

In memory of Pauline Grant — Roger Landry $50

In memory of our brother James K. Donahue — Mary and Frank Blanchard $50

In loving memory of Anita and Edward Ventura and Barbara Pepper, from Annie and Dale Pepper $10

Sharon A. Ring $30

Lester and E. Anita Noyes $50

Susan Reed $50

In loving memory of my husband, Pete. Merry Christmas — Angela Plummer $50

Merry Christmas! Gracie & Dick $25

Nov. 20 Portland Pirates vs. Worcester Sharks hockey game $426

Today’s total: $936

Total to date: $3,417 

November 28, 2010 

Here are this season’s first donations to the Bruce Roberts Toy Fund:

In memory of my husband, Gerald M. Kimball — Dorothy Kimball $25

In memory of Murray Tenney, Falmouth $25

In memory of Edith P. Murchie — Donald J. Murchie $100

Beverly Baker $30

Unity Lodge No. 3 — I.O.O.F. $400

Merry Christmas! Beth, Russ, Andrew and Noelle $100

In loving memory of my husband, Lester R. Emerson, our parents and our brothers and sisters — Dorothy Emerson $25

Merry Christmas! In memory of Dr. Elsworth Reed $200

In memory of grandparents Katherine and Horace Hildreth Sr., with love, Zareen Taj Mirza $50

In honor of my parents, Dodie and Humayun, with love, Zareen Taj Mirza $150

In loving memory of Alexander J. Frustaci — Mike, Kathy, Kate, Paul and Brianne $100

Warren Roos Photography $250

In loving memory of Auntie June $200

Beacon Chapter 202 Order of Eastern Star $50

Merry Christmas! Mr. and Mrs. Amos Merrow $200

Maine Red Claws E-waste Campaign $576

Today’s total
: $2,481

Total to date: $2,481