BARNSTABLE, Mass. – A former Cape Cod sheriff’s employee collecting a $67,000 annual disability pension after injuring his arm is defending a new job as a Hollywood stuntman.

The Cape Cod Times reported Friday that Richard Bonavita Jr. can be seen with two other men jumping over a 3-foot wall in “Furry Vengeance,” starring Brooke Shields and Brendan Fraser.

Bonavita said the stunt wasn’t strenuous, the wall was low, and the landing zone was heavily padded.

He is not prohibited from working while collecting a pension, as long as the work is not more demanding than his former job.

Bonavita injured his arm responding to a fight between inmates in 2005. His job at the Barnstable County sheriff’s office was largely administrative.

Sheriff James Cummings said Bonavita’s stunt work “doesn’t sound right.”