What is the verdict on “smart” meters? Why are citizens saying no? Central Maine Power had a flawed business plan. CMP has been working on this process since 2006 and cannot understand why there is resistance at this point. Last week I asked if CMP ever collected content from their customers; the response was no. I also asked what the entire network would look like in South Portland and was told it was a work in progress. CMP continues to talk about how this is going to save customers money, etc. When is CMP going to talk about what they have to gain?

There is a lot of controversy around wireless devices. People can choose what to buy and what to use as well as finding spots that are still wireless-free zones, particularly their homes. It feels kind of bullish that a utility company that is for profit is full of persuasion on how safe the smart meters are, but the research is inconclusive. Shouldn’t customers be able to decide if they want to take the risks? Shouldn’t everyone be able to do their own cost/risk/benefit analysis? Since when do utility companies make our choices? I am tired of hearing about how CMP is going to help us save money. Since when? If CMP really cared about their customers they would give them a choice as to what kind of meter they had in their homes just like Time Warner offers wired and wireless technology. It is possible. It just forces CMP to go back to drawing board.

Teresa Swinbourne
South Portland

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