BIDDEFORD — The Biddeford School Committee decided Tuesday night to call in another company to assess the air quality and safety at the high school, Superintendent Sarah-Jane Poli said.

The decision comes after a Maine Bureau of General Services Engineering technician assessed the school and results from tests by Air Quality Management last week.

Issues regarding air quality in the high school cropped up last month when two students had severe allergic reactions to mold, which led to the closure of three classrooms. The rooms were reopened after a thorough cleaning and retesting showed low mold spore counts.

Parents also raised concerns to the School Committee and City Council regarding safety and increased dust during the school renovation, which is currently in the third phase of a nine-phase renovation project, Poli said. Construction is expected to be completed by Ledgewood Construction Co. in August 2012, she said.

Engineering technician Larry Mare walked through the high school on Friday with Poli, Phil Radding, facilities director, Randy Geoggrey and Nick Ferrala of Air Quality Management, Scott Clark of Ledgewood Construction and Brian Phinney, Biddeford’s environmental control officer.

In his report to Poli, Mare indicated the school is considered in good standing by state standards. He recommended the custodial staff keep up on cleaning, including behind the shelves where heating elements are located.

Despite Mare’s review, the committee requested another company to test the air quality, Poli said. She said she is actively looking for another company and hopes to have another round of air quality tests completed soon.