Here are the latest donations to the Bruce Roberts Toy Fund:

Previously acknowledged: $57,215.54

Merry Christmas to Mrs. Hollie Simmons. Love, Jane Richardson $50

Merry Christmas to Roger Rollins. Love, Jane Richardson $50

In memory of our boys, David and Bruce $100

In loving memory of our Papa, Mike Dicky, who loved us and Christmas — Katelynne and Brandon Ruel $25

Gaston Lee $50

Betty Bailey $25

Donald Goodwin $100

Anne E. Scanlon $25

In memory of my family — Helen Noonan $100

Merry Christmas! — Helen L. Clements $100

In honor of our boys, Baxter and Carter $50

In lieu of gifts for Erik and Molly — Paula Hill $100

In memory of Otto $50

In loving memory of Jack Hines — The Family $25

Lucille and Gene Clark $25

In memory of Donald A. Lefebvre — Teresa Lefebvre $30

Merry Christmas to all! — Betsy and Bob Davis $50

Great memories of Sylvia Gorlatis — dear friends, Louise and Herb $50

In loving memory of our daughter Roxanne Adams — Herb and Louise $50

Anonymous $50

The Marr family $100

Darryl Arsenault $20

The G.H. Anderson family $25

Anonymous $75

In honor of Long Island Town Hall staff $75

In memory of Nora — Aunt Amy $100

In memory of Kenneth Cleaves and Lane Fraser, both of whom loved Christmas — Ethel and Ernie Carmolli $50

In loving memory of our beloved grandson, Kyle Daniel Rogers. Loving and missing you always, Gram and Gramp $50

J O C I J I A N N A (60 Yr) $250

In loving memory of our mothers, Kit Hellyar-Brook and Jane Oreskovich — Roger, Joyce and son Harry $75

In memory of Dr. Ferris Ray from JoAnn and Vic $100

Timothy and Ellen Jane Nastro $50

Ray and Jane Dupee $50

Anonymous $100

Improved Order of Redmen Sawga Tribe #20 $50

In loving memory of Allison Broadbent Beahm $50

Dale and Faye Van Gilder $100

Joan Pelletier $25

Peter Yeackel and Tara Nelsen-Yeackel $10

In loving memory of my wife, Louise, from Bill $25

Craig Linscott $200

Virginia M. Dowler $25

In memory of Sallie Ramsay Hesketh $25

Today’s total: $2,735

Total to date: $59,950.54