Many in Falmouth are concerned about the lack of safety standards, harmful health effects, and violations of property rights regarding Central Maine Power Co.’s installation of smart meters, but were wrongly under the impression there would be a public hearing before the installation began.

CMP’s claim that the meters meet the FCC safety standards for radio-frequency radiation emitted into our homes is simply not true. The experts, including the National Institutes of Health and National Toxicology Program, agree that there are no current safety standards that apply to non-thermal, long-term, low-level exposures like the kind from smart meters.

Also well-documented are the long-term health risks from exposure to this type of RF radiation, including scientific evidence that damage from this type of exposure can accumulate over time and pass from one generation to the next.

In addition, it is a blatant violation of our property rights for CMP to trespass on our property to install the smart meter, after we have already notified CMP that we do not want the smart meter installed.

Also, by use of meters that emit RF radiation, CMP is illegally entering/emitting radiation into the air space inside houses, a trespass into our homes and violation of our right to quite enjoyment.

Falmouth, use the precautionary principal: ban meters that emit RF radiation.

Dianne Wilkins

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