Recently, Perry B. Newman summarized his reaction to the November election and clearly remembered both his disappointment (over Eliot Cutler’s defeat) and the affect on him of what he described as “meanness” shown in the campaign. Mr. Newman is a very upbeat and positive person and that is evident in his sportsmanship, manners and writings.

In truth – and I am an outsider to Maine politics but a writer about geopolitics – the people of Maine did not give Paul LePage a mandate. He was not elected by a majority. Combining two of the three candidate totals, the majority of Maine voters can be said to have voted against Mr. LePage.

I remind myself of this whenever I am shaken by reports like Edgar Allen Beem’s that indicate a LePage cabinet might be comprised of “extremists” (my label). As I see it, Mssrs. Newman and Beem have more in common than either has with Paul LePage. This is good, and a workable model (fiscal responsibility with social sensitivity) for the future of Maine politics.

I come from New Jersey and shutter to return there until the people of that state choose another governor. May Maine not become another New Jersey, Arizona, Texas or Alaska, with tea party agendas set nationally and carried forward by Mr. LePage.

I pray Maine will survive through this new administration with dignity, civility and reason. I know Mr. Newman believes it will. And his confidence in this is encouraging and warmly received.

Michael T. Bucci