NEW YORK – Stranded passengers lost their tempers and got into yelling matches with airline employees at John F. Kennedy International Airport on Wednesday after delays stymied their plans yet again.

About 100 people at a Qatar Airways ticket counter were told the airline’s planes wouldn’t be able to land at Kennedy. The passengers have been waiting several days for flights to take them back to southeast Asia.

After being brought to a virtual standstill by the blizzard, flights were leaving and arriving regularly Wednesday at New York’s major airports. Only a few cancellations were reported, and far fewer passengers were taking refuge on cots and luggage racks. But the flare-up was a sign that some travelers remain far from their final destinations.

At the Qatar Airways counter, airline representatives were trying to persuade passengers to take a bus to Washington, D.C., where two planes were ready to depart. As the crowd shouted in anger, an airline agent screamed for people to calm down.


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