Here are the latest donations to the Bruce Roberts Toy Fund:

Previously acknowledged: $145,137.89

Anonymous $5

In loving memory of Grampa Harry — the Slipp family $100

Anonymous $50

Evelyn and Steve $100

In memory of Edith F. Sawyer $25

Tom and Anne Barton $250

In honor of Susan Penna Bernier and in memory of L. Philip Bernier $350

In memory of my husband, Charles F. Reed — Rita C. Reed $25

Ethel and Ronald Phinney $25

Jeffrey Hahn $50

Thanks for all you do! — Richard and Judith Cadmus $100

In memory of Dad — Cheryl Perdue $20

In honor of my grandchildren: Max, Matilda & Isabella — Terri Messer $50

Francis K.C. Madeira $50

God Bless the kids! — James Gillen $25

In honor of Pastor Nancy from one of the cats $25

Anonymous $25

In appreciation for all the good work you all do — Charles and Priscilla Leveroni $100

In memory of Flora and Walter Perkins — Lawrence Perkins $100

In remembrance of Tippie I, Tippie II, Honey and Happy $250

In memory of Nancy E. Cariani $250

In memory of John and Carol Conley $100

Anonymous $100

Regan and Russell LLC $100

In memory of my husband, Richard B. Fish, from his wife, Alice, and family $50

Waterboro Elementary School, staff jeans day $140

In memory of our first grandchild, our little angel, Will Bedford. With love from his grandparents. $250

In lieu of gifts — Cape Elizabeth Middle School staff $342

Thank you for your good works! May your Christmases be merry and bright — B.J. $100

In loving memory of Ruth Bennett — Earle Bennett $25

John and Barbara Graustein $350

The office of Dr. Gregory Fisher in lieu of employee gift exchange $100

In loving memory of Mary and Ed Legue and Dorothy and Ben McLaughlin $50

Ralph B. Pears $25

In loving memory of Tommie Charron $20

Anonymous $50

In honor of our troops — Ellen $25

Anonymous $250

Spencer Soucy $100

In memory of Joe Bernier $100

Maine Medical Center’s Purchasing Department $347

Ala Reid $100

Mary and David Hale $20

Sara and Matthew Perry $25

Girl Scouts of Maine, Troop 630 $20

Brian Hansen $50

In memory of Brooks — Ellen J. McDonough $100

In memory of McKinley — Ralphie, Trouper and Coriip $30

The Gregg Goodrich family $100

Anonymous $250

Margery, Gerry and Bruce Clement $100

In memory of Dad and Samson $50

In honor of our grandchildren and great-grandchildren: Angela, Matthew, Andrea, Joshua, Jeremy, Jameson and Andre — R and J Merrow $50

Beverly C. Hastings $25

Marjorie and Charles Hodges $100

In honor of my parents, grandparents and aunt, who taught us the real meaning of Christmas all year $50

Rod, Martie and Rachel Harmon $50

ASAP Taxi Services $300

Anonymous $100

Peter and Ellen McCarthy $240

In memory of William N. Garrity from his family $75

In honor of Anna Russo Neff’s 91st birthday $25

In loving memory of Alphonse Russo and Ray and Peg Veroneau $50

In loving memory of Grandpa Al $25

In lieu of Xmas cards — Freida Richardson $25

West Falmouth Fire Co. $50

Merry Christmas — the members of Deering Memorial VFW Post 6859 Ladies Auxiliary $50

In honor of Wendy Marstaller, my mother and a teacher who loves children — Branden Marstaller $25

On behalf of my mother, Marie Watson — Sean Watson $100

Anonymous $50

Honey the cat $50

Kelley and James Cook $100

Merry Christmas! — Bernadette Pesce $26

Gavin and T. and J. $100

In memory of my husband, parents and friends — Marion Hanscom $200

In loving memory of JBS and RMS. They loved Christmas and children $50

ISM Inc. $250

In memory of Mary Sloan $100

Mr. and Mrs. Philip Palmer $100

In memory of Robert and Elizabeth Booth — Stephen Booth $200

Kasi Gajtkowski $50

Anonymous $100

In memory of Frank and Helen McDonald — Cathy $75

Dan Hogan $50

For the children — Evelyn Zaciewski $200

In honor of Mr. and Mrs. William Maples, Merry Christmas! — Christina $100

South Windham Fire Co. and Gorham Fire Department $150

In loving memory of Robert E. Comeau $25

In memory of Mr. and Mrs. James L. Greenleaf Jr. — Mr. and Mrs. George Greenleaf $100

Anonymous $200

In memory of Mr. Randy Carroll — Mr. and Mrs. Wilfred Kingsley $100

In memory of my dad — Deborah Silberstein $50

In memory of Mrs. Lois Carlin — Mr. and Mrs. Steve Carlin $50

Brad and Tracy Hammond $50

Merry Christmas from Meghan and John MacGregor $50

In honor of Jesus’ birthday from Windham Christian Academy kindergarten class $63

In memory of Mrs. Marilyn McDuffie, in honor of her love of children everywhere — Alan $50

In honor of Mr. Jamie Nonni and Patrick Allen of Nationwide Payment Solutions LLC $880

In honor of Ricky, Sarah, Jimmy, Sophia, Ben and PD $100

In honor of Mr. Devin McMahon $50

Anonymous $100

Dr. Richard Steinmetz $100

Bruce and Joan Kidman $200

Wendy Hague $50

Ronald Pruitt $10 

Today’s total: $10,963

Total to date: $156,100.89