The stress of competing with as many as 30 women for the attention of one man is starting to get to Ashley Hebert.

The Madawaska native was seen on Monday night’s episode of ABC’s reality series “The Bachelor” emotionally distraught by her lack of one-on-one time with bachelor Brad Womack.

Though she was the first of the women to get an individual date and share a kiss with Womack this season, she has had to watch other women dating and kissing him ever since.

On “The Bachelor,” 30 women try to make one man propose marriage to them, while cameras roll. During Monday’s episode, Hebert’s frustration was evident as some of her words had to be deleted from the broadcast.

“I hate this (deleted). Watching all these women with Brad is not easy,” said Hebert, 26, sitting in a hot tub during one of the show’s group dates. “Why is this so tough for me and not for everyone else?”

Hebert will have more chances to get Womack alone. He selected her at the end of Monday’s episode to be one of the women who continue on the show.

When the new season began Jan. 3, there were 30 women. After Monday’s episode only 11 remained, including Hebert, who is studying dentistry at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia.

Other women told Hebert they felt frustrated, too, not being able to tell what sort of romantic progress they were making with Womack, since he is seen on camera showing interest in most of the women.

But some women on the group date thought Hebert protested too much. One called her “exhausting.”

While Womack kissed another woman on a secluded bench away from the rest of the group date, Hebert approached him to talk.

She told him that the competition for his attention “sucked.”

“Yeah, but it can be fun and exciting too, right?” Womack asked.

“For you, absolutely,” Hebert said.

Womack didn’t appear put off by Hebert’s emotional outpouring. In fact, he took time from his date with another woman to talk to Hebert and try to smooth things over.

“That first date was perfect. I thought we had one of the strongest connections I’ve ever felt,” Womack told Hebert.

Later, he said to the camera, “There’s no chance in hell I’m going to give up on Ashley.”

This season of “The Bachelor” was filmed last year. Hebert can’t talk publicly about what happens on the episodes or how the show ends.

The season finale is scheduled for March 14, when Womack is tentatively scheduled to propose to someone.


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