The Legislature’s Appropriations Committee finished work close to midnight Friday on the $151 million supplemental budget.

 Legislative leaders praised the unanimous, bipartisan vote.

 “Both Republicans and Democrats came together in the spirit of true compromise, and their diligence resulted in an effectively delivered, unanimous budget for the consideration of the full Legislature next week,” said House Speaker Bob Nutting, R-Oakland, and Senate President Kevin Raye, R-Perry, in a joint statement.

 And House Minority Leader Emily Cain, D-Orono, said the bipartisan vote gets the legislative session off to a strong start.

 “The bipartisan outcome and process set by this committee sends a strong signal to the public that they can, and should expect bipartisan solutions to the challenges facing our state, and sets a high standard for the work we will need to do together on the upcoming biennial budget,” she said in a statement.

 The budget, which includes spending cuts in some areas and additional funding in others, pays nearly $70 million to Maine hospitals for debts dating back to 2006. It also provides more money for Medicaid, which is scheduled to run out of funds later this month.

 The budget could come up for a vote by the House and Senate as early as Tuesday. Passage of the supplemental budget will clear the way for the two-year budget, which is scheduled to be released by Gov. Paul LePage no later than Friday.