The color, size and texture of the rug you choose can tie a room together or define a space. Coordinate with furniture and window coverings to create a room that makes you feel at home every time you walk in the door.

Casual or elegant, large or small, area rugs are a perfect and portable design solution. Group armchairs and a sofa on an area rug for intimate conversation, or place your furniture partly off the rug as a graceful transition from one part of the room to another. You can also change rugs to suit the season. Natural, light-colored fibers such as sisal and seagrass complement warm weather and casual settings. For colder months or more formal rooms, richly colored wool adds sumptuous warmth.

Choosing a Rug

The pattern of your rug is a key consideration. Patterned rugs work well with simpler furnishings; solid colored rugs complement more elaborate furnishings. Geometric patterns can bring a modern flair to a traditional room; floral patterns can soften lines and lend grace to simple furnishings. The scale of the pattern on your rug should balance with other patterns used throughout the room. Rugs can be used to define spaces. For example, placing a rug beneath table and chairs is ideal for creating a smaller space within a larger area. Use rugs to unify the décor within a spacious room, providing transition to a surrounding area. Once you have something in mind you are ready to measure!


Measure your space with a steel measuring tape. Don’t rely on visual sizing; a 5 x 8’ rug may seem large hanging on display in a store, but is too small to accommodate most sofas. Make sure to consider location of vents and doors, as they may affect the placement of the rug. For a rug under a dining table and chairs, measure the table’s length and width and then add 54” to each measurement. This will provide 27” on all sides to allow space for the chairs, even when pulled away from the table. Always remember to double check your measurements!

Courtesy of Becky Akers, Port City Flooring & Design, a full service flooring coverings and window treatment store


Choose a rug that complements the colors and elements of a room.

Measure the space in your home before venturing out to buy. A rug that looks big in a showroom might not be sufficient to cover the area you need.

A rug can define a space by lending warmth or intimacy to a particular area.