AUGUSTA — About 75 people held a rally today in the State House to show support for Gov. Paul LePage’s proposed budget, which would cut some state taxes and reduce the pension costs of state workers.

Among the crowd was John Clarke, 62, a tea party activist from Monmouth, who waved an American flag attached to a pole made of rolled-up file folders, allowing him to get around a State House security rule prohibiting sticks and poles.

“We need common-sense fiscal responsibility,” Clarke said. “Paul LePage is committed to working to make sure our children and grandchildren don’t grow up to be in indentured servitude to debt they can never repay.”

Bill Hamilton, 68, a retired sales executive from Standish, said the budget is a reasonable attempt to lower the cost of government.

“We need to get government under control,” Hamilton said.

He carried a sign that said, “Status quo – no. Maine Taxpayers – yes.” Others at the rally carried signs that said, “Don’t buy Union Lies,” “Tax Relief Now,” and “Common sense budget keeps us out of the red.”

The rally was organized by the Maine Heritage Policy Center, Maine Taxpayers United and Americans for Prosperity.

Tarren Bragdon, chief executive officer of The Maine Heritage Policy Center, urged people to call their legislators and encourage them to “stand up to union bosses and entrenched special interests.”

“We taxpayers will no longer be ignored,” Bragdon said.

LePage’s two-year, $6.1 million budget proposal includes $200 million in tax breaks, including lowering the top income tax rate from 8.5 percent to 7.95 percent.

To pay for the tax cuts, the budget proposes several changes to teacher and state worker pension benefits.

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