The Survivors’ obsession with underwear continued Wednesday night when Phillip Sheppard claimed that Mainer Ashley Underwood and the other women in the Ometepe tribe have been sleeping in “Boston Rob” Mariano’s underwear.

Sheppard was upset that the women were leaving all the crispy brown rice at the bottom of the cooking pot for Boston Rob.

Sheppard’s theory? Because the women are sleeping in Boston Rob’s underwear, “they want to pay him deference on everything.”

Previews for this week’s show once again called it a “can’t-miss episode” that featured “the most extreme ‘Survivor’ smackdown ever.”

Translation: Please don’t change the channel to “American Idol.”

In a nutshell, Matt Elrod won his fifth duel on Redemption Island, sending Stephanie Valencia of the Zapatera tribe packing for good.

Ralph Kiser talked trash about David Murphy, his fellow Zapatera tribe member, saying that the tribe shouldn’t trust him: “He’s a lawyer, and you’ve got to look at them that way. They think they’re better than everybody else.”

Ometepe once again won the immunity challenge, which consisted of going through obstacles to collect balls that were then thrown into narrow rope baskets strung up high on poles. (“The most extreme ‘Survivor’ smackdown ever?” Really?)

The Ometepe tribe went on their reward, which was a helicopter ride to the top of an active volcano and a big picnic lunch. While tribe members were enjoying their food, Boston Rob found another clue to the hidden immunity idol tucked into a container of cylindrical cookies.

While Boston Rob was busy getting ahead in the game, Underwood, clueless, asked a tribemate: “Do you put pesto on your sandwich?”

Boston Rob, figuring he didn’t actually need the clue since he’s already found the idol, grinned from ear to ear and tossed the clue over his shoulder into the volcano so no one else could see it.

Back at the Zapatera tribe, the “who will be voted off next?” game the “Survivor” producers like to play just before tribal council zeroed in on David Murphy and Sarita White. No one trusts Murphy, but he’s strong. White is a weak player, but she’s loyal.

White lost four votes to two and was sent on her way to Redemption Island.

There are a few things to look forward to, according to the previews for next week:

Matt Elrod apparently injures himself, just before he’s about to fight White in his last Redemption Island duel. Host Jeff Probst said that whoever wins the next duel will be put back into the game.

Why now? It’s time to merge the two tribes, a move that always resets the game in interesting ways.

Probst, who has been tweeting live during the show, told fans on Twitter Wednesday night that “We WILL find out if Phillip is a former federal agent at the live reunion show on May 15 in NYC.”

Maybe he’ll be wearing his pink underwear.


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