I was surprised at the tone and content of your April 12 editorial (“Budget deal could be basis for future talks”). It does not appear to recognize a key facet of the discussion that we are embarking upon.

The discussion is not only about the fiscal future but of the “soul” of this nation. I believe the president acknowledged the fact that we have a need to get our fiscal house in order in a responsible way. The decisions we make to do that will reflect if we are a nation willing to not only preach but also live Christian values in all aspects of our lives.

We claim these values as our own as a nation. But, our projected behavior as outlined in the recent budget proposal by Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin does not reflect it.

Some individuals reading this letter will call me “a bleeding heart liberal.” But I’m just an individual who struggles every day to “get it right.”

My sense of what is right is gleaned from the New Testament. The Good Samaritan (Luke 10:25-37), and the rich man and Lazarus (Luke 16:19-31) are good guides to follow during this discussion.

I sincerely hope that we embrace these teachings as the basis for our discussions. It will show that we are a nation dedicated to living the message of the Gospels when it comes to “loving our neighbor.”

I would challenge our religious leaders and fellow citizens who believe in those values to get off the sideline and get involved by strongly and publicly reinforcing the need to use these values as central elements of this discussion.


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