Mainer Ashley Underwood got to see her mother during Wednesday’s episode of “Survivor,” thanks to a tribemate who decided to “do unto others.”

Mike Chiesl won the weekly duel on Redemption Island, and as his reward he got the opportunity to visit with his mother, who had been flown in along with relatives of the other tribe members.

But then host Jeff Probst told Chiesl that if he gave up his own visit with his mom, the entire tribe would be allowed see their loved ones. Chiesl, who said he had been reading the Bible, decided that sacrificing his own visit with his mom would be doing “the most good for the most people.”

“I got to tell you, I thought the odds of that happening were less than zero,” Probst said.

Back at camp, the Survivors showed their loved ones around and went off for private chats. Underwood said that having her mother there felt “so surreal.”

“It was everything I needed and so much more,” Underwood said.

Phillip Sheppard, the Survivor everyone loves to hate, seemed to confess to his sister that much of his behavior has been an act: “It’s a social game,” he said. “I’m prepared to go crazy if I have to.”

Boston Rob Mariano shared his strategy with his sister.

“Natalie thinks it’s me and her,” he said. “Grant thinks it’s me and him. All they have to do is talk to each other. But they won’t.”

Mariano said he’s been trying to win Survivor for 10 years now, and “nothing is going to stop me.”

At the immunity challenge, the Survivors had to climb stairs with “puzzle steps.” They carried planks that were also puzzle pieces one by one up a huge flight of stairs. Whoever got all their pieces in place first and made it to the top of the stairs would be the winner.

Probst noted they were playing on a day when the thermometer read 110 degrees.

Underwood, Sheppard and Natalie Tenerelli fell out of the challenge quickly. Boston Rob struggled his way up the steps in the heat, finally crawling the last few feet to the top to win immunity.

He immediately began cramping and was obviously in pain. Probst offered to call in the medics, but Boston Rob just asked his tribe mates to help him stand up.

Back at camp, most of the tribe agreed that Andrea Boehlke should be the next to go because she is such a strong competitor. To throw her off, Boehlke is told that Sheppard is on the chopping block.

The tribe briefly reconsidered and thought about voting off Sheppard because he was acting annoying again. Sheppard finally admitted to the camera that he’s been deliberately trying to make himself a villain so that he won’t be a threat to Boston Rob, and then maybe Boston Rob will take him to the end of the game.

“Every once in a while I have to throw some salt on that wound,” Sheppard said, explaining his strange behavior. “Honestly, I think I can defeat Rob.”

At tribal council, as soon as the second vote was read, a shocked Boehlke said “Oh my God” as she realized she was the target and had just been blind-sided. “Tricky, tricky,” she said to her tribe as Probst snuffed her torch.

The previews for next week imply that Underwood may be in some trouble. They showed Boston Rob talking to Natalie Tenerelli, saying:

“I got your back. Ashley can’t be trusted.”


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