A Freeport clinic specializing in neutering and spaying dogs and cats plans to offer a free van service to pet owners in the Augusta, Waterville and Bangor areas.

The Community Spay-Neuter Clinic opened in November. Subsidized by a nonprofit group, its mission is to provide low-cost pet spaying and neutering, especially for people who wouldn’t have the procedure done on their pets otherwise.

Veterinarian Elizabeth Stone, clinic director, said the clinic has unused capacity to spay and neuter more pets, and is looking to make its services available to more of the state.

The new van service, scheduled to start Tuesday, will pick up pets in Augusta and Waterville on the second and fourth Tuesday of every month and take them to and back from the Freeport clinic, where the surgery will be performed.

“We’re definitely targeting people who aren’t otherwise going to neuter or spay their animals,” Stone said. “The vast majority of the animals we’ve seen haven’t even been to a vet.”

The goal is to help control the population of unwanted pets. The clinic’s fees to spay or neuter a pet are: cats, $60; dogs 2 to 24 pounds, $140; dogs 25 to 49 pounds, $160; and dogs 50 to 75 pounds, $180.

The clinic also offers specials and discounts. Currently, for example, male pit bulls will be neutered for $50. Pit bull neuters had already been discounted once, at $110 for any size, Stone said.

Pet owners should call the clinic at 865-0772 to make arrangements to have their dog or cat picked up by the new van service.

Pet owners, after they’ve scheduled their pet’s surgery, would meet the van driver to have their animal picked up and, later, dropped off. The pickup spots are expected to be the parking lot of Pet Life, previously called the Kennel Shop, in Augusta; and Pet Quarters in Waterville.

The clinic also plans to transport pets to and from Bangor on alternating Mondays.

The van driver will be someone trained to assess animals to make sure they are ready for surgery that day. Pet owners pay the van driver for the cost of the surgery in cash upfront.

The Community Spay-Neuter Clinic is at 475 U.S. Route 1, Freeport, off Exit 20 on Interstate 295.

To keep fees down, the clinic is subsidized. Donations can be made through the Center for Wildlife Health Research.