If you’re driving along Route 1 south of Wells, you’ll find a converted farmhouse with a large sign out front. During baseball season, the sign will let you know if there is a Red Sox game that day.

I arrived on the third day of an 11-day homestand, and three of the five televisions at Stutesy’s Pub & Grille in Moody were tuned to NESN’s “Game Day,” including a 72-inch flat screen hanging over the raised platform where tables and chairs gather around a gas fireplace.

If the assortment of televisions around the bar doesn’t give away the sports fanaticism, all you need to do is look around. With championship banners, signed jerseys, neon signs and framed prints of monumental moments in sporting history, almost every sport is equally represented, including a wall of replica NASCAR hoods and pennants.

But Stutesy’s is not just a place to catch your favorite Boston game. Behind a half-wall near the bar are more tables for folks to practice Stutesy’s motto, “Stay long, talk much, laugh often.”

Upstairs, there’s a full pool table, a dartboard and a smaller flat-screen television.

On weekends and busy nights, Stutesy’s opens the full wooden bar, stained dark to match the post and beams along the wall and ceiling.

While staples such as Grey Goose on the rocks and Jack & Coke found their way to my fellow patron’s tab, Stutesy’s also serves an original grab-bag of sports-inspired drinks, including the Sweet Caroline ($6.50) and the Goombay Smash ($5.50; Cruzan coconut rum, banana liqueur, orange juice and pineapple). The most popular mixed drink is the Stutesy’s Punch ($6).

But like any good sports bar, Stutesy’s greatest offering is beer. With about two dozen domestics and popular international beers available by the bottle ($3.25 to $3.75), you will certainly find your favorite ale behind the bar.

The draft selection is impressive, served in both 16- and 20-ounce glasses ($3.25 to $4 for 16 and $4 to $4.75 for 20). The choices combine local brews such as Gritty’s Red Claw and Shipyard Export with foreign choices like Smithwick’s and Guinness, but all the draft glasses boast Boston sports team logos.

Beer and mixed drinks are not the only beverage options. The full wine menu includes a house offering of chardonnay, pinot grigio, white zinfadel and merlot ($4.50 per glass) and a variety of individual whites and reds ($5.50 to $7.75 per glass; $21 to $30 per bottle).

The bottled wines hail primarily from California and Italy, though there are a few Latin, Australian and French choices.

You’ll find pasta, pub food and fresh seafood daily, but the dish to order at the bar is the steak tips ($12.95 for a half-pound; $16.95 for a pound). The only food item that garnered more discussion from bartender Kenny Kumka and patrons at the bar were the new stuffed mushrooms (mushroom caps overflowing with Stutesy’s homemade seafood stuffing, $9.95). One duo visiting from Massachusetts ordered them twice in one week.

If you’re looking for a sports bar where you can hang out surrounded by memorabilia and your choice of sporting events on one of the TVs, check out Stutesy’s.

Elisa Doucette is a freelance writer who lives in Portland.