PORTLAND — Barber Foods, a family-owned company best known for its frozen stuffed chicken breasts, is being sold to a Cincinnati company.

The announcement comes one month before Barber Foods begins a production plant renovation that will result in lost jobs, said David Barber, president of the company.

Barber announced the sale to AdvancePierre Foods this morning and said the chicken entrees will continue to be made at the company’s facilities in Portland. AdvancePierre said it planned to invest “millions” in the Portland plant, and will eventually expand production.

Terms of the sale were not disclosed. Both companies are privately owned.

In July, Barber Foods will begin upgrading its plant so that one production line can do the work of two. As a result, Barber said the 650-staff company will cut a “significant” number of jobs. He said the exact number of lost jobs has not been determined.

AdvancePierre was formed last year by the merger of Pierre Foods and Advance Food Co. AdvancePierre focuses on the food service, school, club, vending and convenience store markets, selling packaged sandwiches, meats and bakery products.

“As the food industry continues to consolidate and bigger players emerge, it was the right time for Barber Foods to join forces with a growing industry leader like AdvancePierre,” Barber said in a statement. “AdvancePierre Foods shares our foundational principles of safety, quality, service and productivity leading to growth. The company will accelerate growth and ensure the long-term prosperity of the Barber Foods brand.”

Bill Toler, the chief executive officer of AdvancePierre Foods, said buying Barber Foods will increase the company’s retail business. Barber’s products are sold primarily in grocery stores in the U.S. and Canada.