The Appropriations Committee made slow but steady progress Monday night, taking votes on budget items related to the Department of Health and Human Services and on a series of tax cuts.

 For the most part, the committee avoided protracted discussions on controversial items, and instead voted in routine cuts or restorations to programs. It rejected a proposal from Gov. Paul LePage that would have eliminated collective bargaining rights for child care workers.

  The committee also fully restored funding for the home visitation program, and allocated millions in additional funding to pay for increased enrollment in Medicaid. Committee members briefly debated a proposal to rename the state’s MaineCare program to call it Medicaid, but tabled the item once it appeared there would not be consensus on the change.

 The committee tabled action on major items such as a proposal to eliminate health insurance for low-income parents and childless adults, proposals to reduce welfare benefits for legal non citizens, and a possible reduction to general assistance funding for municipalities.

 In the area of taxation, the committee voted to create a capital investment credit, a new market credit for businesses, and a sales tax exemption for aircrafts and parts. It delayed action on a Republican income tax cut plan, a proposal to raise the estate tax exemption from $1 million to $2 million, a refundable sales tax for commercial fishing or the continuation of a 20 percent reduction in the state’s tax and rent refund program.

 The committee wrapped up work about 11:15 p.m., and is scheduled to reconvene Tuesday morning.