Edgar Allen Beem exposed his liberal snobbery in his recent “Lurching toward LURC reform” commentary. In discussing easing regulations for land use in northern Maine, he states, “Some folks seem to think turning the North Maine Woods into toilet paper is its highest and best use.”

I assume Mr. Beem uses toilet paper (if not, I would avoid shaking his hand). Where does he think toilet paper comes from? Does it show up in his bathroom every morning from the toilet paper fairies? His statement is demeaning to the hard-working people in forestry.

At a time of 9 percent unemployment, Mr. Beem is more concerned about an imaginary Shangri-La of pristine forests in northern Maine than providing good jobs. I would bet that the closest Mr. Beem has been to the north woods is the Olive Garden in Augusta.

Companies from Finland and Washington that I’ve worked with while I was in the printing industry, such as UPM and Weyerhaeuser, nurture, replant and manage their forest lands as well as Maine potato farmer. Finland and Washington state continue to have beautifully clear rivers and streams.

As someone who writes for a newspaper printed on newsprint (and uses toilet paper), you would think Mr. Beem would be a supporter of paper companies and the men and women who rely on those jobs. But his self-interest in his political viewpoint and party line comes first.

Craig Barnes