BATH — The body of a man who had been missing since Nov. 3 was identified today as being that of a 31-year-old transient named Edwin Curtis.

Sagadahoc County Sheriff Joel Merry said a motorist told police he saw Curtis jump off the Sagadahoc Bridge into the Kennebec River last fall.

Authorities believed the man was Curtis based on identification papers that were found floating in a backpack in the river, Merry said.

An extensive search of the river did not turn up his body. However, a boater found human remains on Saturday in a section of the Kennebec River just north of Butler Head in Bath.

The state Medical Examiner’s office notified police on Tuesday that it had successfully used DNA comparisons to confirm that the remains were those belonging to Curtis.

Merry said Curtis had been living at shelters in the Portland area, but had strong ties to Bath. His mother, sister and daughter all live in the Bath region.