Butter beans with pancetta and leeks. Butternut squash parmesan bread pudding. Spicy pomegranate-glazed chicken wings. Hungry yet?

“Simply Zov: Rustic Classics with a Mediterranean Twist” (Zov’s Publishing, $39) by Zov Karamardian is one of those cookbooks you want to rush right home and start using. The recipes are fairly simple, yet still offer intriguing flavors that you’ll want to try. And the photographs are gorgeous.

Karamardian, a California restaurateur born of Armenian parents, travels the world seeking new foods and flavors. Most of the recipes in this book are based on ingredients you already have at home or things you can easily find, but come with the acclaimed chef’s personal twist.

Karamardian spices up sliders with her Old World sliders topped with a yogurt and feta cheese spread and a tomato-mint salsa. Her version of chowder is a coconut chicken chowder with lemongrass. And when she shows you how to make grilled ginger-lime chicken thighs with harissa, she doesn’t forget to include instructions for making your own harissa.

I can’t wait to try her Bolognese sauce, which she re-created from a trattoria she visited in Bologna a few years back.