In 1999, Germany committed to the largest renewable energy investment in the world, creating what is today the juggernaut of European Union economies.

Hundreds of thousands of manufacturing and installation jobs have resulted from the government’s bold sustainability measures, and more than 25 percent of the country’s total energy supply comes from renewable energy.

A few weeks ago, Germany announced its decision to eliminate all nuclear power plants while doubling down its wager on clean energy.

The good news is that Maine is already ahead of Germany with respect to nukes.

The bad news is that we are one of the most oil-dependent states in the nation, with the highest per capita CO2 emissions in New England – despite the fact that Maine gets 33 percent more sunshine per year than Germany (solar) and the fact that our state is 90 percent forested (biomass) and we have a significant wind resource.

This represents a phenomenal opportunity for the LePage administration. If you believe that most people cherish Maine because of its perceived pristine environment, then imagine the cohesion he could generate among the state’s population by declaring war on finite, polluting fossil energy sources.

For example, if the developers of Thompson’s Point were to announce that the Forefront is going to be the first carbon-neutral convention, sports and entertainment complex in the world, then it would attract visitors from all over the world who would be irresistibly drawn to such a shining example of sustainability.

How many clean energy conventions would want to have their event at a carbon-neutral facility? How many musicians would want to play? How many fans would come?

Ditto for the entire state. Clean energy equals a clean environment, and at the end of the day, this is Maine’s most precious resource. Seize the opportunity, Gov. LePage!

Phil Coupe

Co-founder, ReVision Energy

Cape Elizabeth

‘Hard-working’ Mainer finds health plan too costly


I just received my renewal “award” from Dirigo Health. My insurance went from $226 to $529. I guess with the economy the way it is and the price of gas and home heating oil, the state of Maine figures I can handle a $370 increase?

I’m a hard-working Mainer. I saved my home from foreclosure going through the mediation process. When I couldn’t find work, I started going to businesses and asking if they are hiring. I managed to find a job that way but now I have to get out of debt.

I’m trying and not giving up. To get a letter from Dirigo with this news is upsetting. As a matter of fact I never sent the renewal back because I knew it was going to increase. They called me and told me they take hardships into consideration.

Really? So I wrote everything down and sent the info in. And this is what they tell me? We’re only going to increase your bill $370? Save it for the people here illegally and the flocks of lazy nonworking people.

I couldn’t be more disgusted with this state and our governor. They made me apply for MaineCare even though they knew I was going to be denied. But it’s the “process.”

Until there is some kind of control over insurance companies, the only manipulators getting coverage are those who don’t want to work and those who are swift enough to con the government into giving them free health care. Thank you, Maine, from another working Mainer with no health insurance.

Traci Anello


Marxism not dead, it’s alive in Washington


President Obama has been true to the visions of both his biological father and his spiritual father. Both Barack Obama Sr., and the Rev. Jeremiah Wright made plain their conviction that America had become the driving force behind an “imperialism” that kept the non-Caucasian peoples of the world in bondage.

In order for the indigenous peoples of the Tropics to become free, the power of the United States and its allies must be broken.

This is standard 1970s Marxism-Leninism, and it is at the heart of what Rev. Wright calls Black Liberation Theology. Mao Zedong advocated this system of belief in his exhortations to incite “Wars of National Liberation” in Viet Nam, Rhodesia/Zimbabwe, Cambodia and Peru.

Obama betrayed Israel when he advocated a return to the indefensible borders of 1967. This stance is absolutely consistent with the faith of his fathers. Israel is cast as a “Crusader State” that has stolen land from “native” peoples, the Palestinian Arabs.

In weakening Israel in the face of a terrorist-led Palestinian government, Obama has called into doubt the vital U.S.-Israel alliance that has guaranteed the Jewish nation’s survival.

With the Muslim Brotherhood poised to take power in Egypt, the prospect of an Arab victory through open warfare returns. If the United States withheld support from Israel over the border issue in such a war, then radical Islam could win. Millions of lives would be at risk, as would the very peace of the world.

Such chaos weakens the United States and our allies, and could lead to the end of the post-WW II Pax-Americana. This would likely please both of the president’s fathers.

Ralph K. Ginorio



If you don’t know the difference between gross profit, net profit and return on investment, the current Democrats in Congress are looking for you and will take advantage of your ignorance and get you to sit, shake, roll over and bark on cue while they scapegoat big oil for getting tax breaks and turning a profit at the same time.

I personally am against tax breaks for any profit-making corporation. That being said, I’m afraid people really think all these supposedly huge profits go straight into the pocket of a fat cat.

While I’m sure some does, most of it will go into the pockets of ordinary people just like you and me. Take some time and look at the investment mix of your retirement plan. If you don’t have a plan for retirement you probably fit into the description portrayed above.

Make no bones about it, what is now happening in Congress is just one part of the vilification of all things corporate by the Democrats in a long-term effort to eventually nationalize the major role-players in the American economy. This would give the government immense power and control over the people.

I believe the president generally subscribes to this policy. Karl Marx would be proud. Thank God for the Second Amendment.

Kurt Christiansen



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