Evening rolls around after a slow, relaxing, breezy day at the beach. Preparing and eating a large meal is just about the last thing you can imagine doing, but a cool cocktail and some light, delicious fare would fit the bill perfectly.

And so you find yourself wondering where to find tasteful tapas, perfectly paired wine, a casually cool atmosphere, and relaxed, sophisticated, comfortable service.

Look no further than Old Vines Wine Bar.

Old Vines is the brainchild of Mike Farrell, whose long roster of food experiences — including some of New York’s top kitchens, such as the Four Seasons and Eleven Madison Park — gracefully manifest themselves through the wine and food of Maine’s first and only traditional European-style wine bar.

The core concept of the restaurant is simple, and designed to meet three main criteria: a comfortable atmosphere, great food and knowledgeable service. After spending some quality time experiencing both the food and wine, I can enthusiastically say those criteria have not only been met, but well surpassed.

Old Vines has the feel of a rustic barn mixed with hints of quiet sophistication and elegance. Yet they maintain their friendly Mainer’s touch throughout. In short, don’t dismiss Old Vines as a place for uppity snobbery; rather, it’s a place where walking through the door makes you feel you’re part of a small club of folks sharing a secret, mutually acknowledging the happy fact that you’ve landed upon an absolute gem.

The wine selection clearly stands front and center on the menu. It’s also accommodates those who want to try more than a few in an evening.

Not only does Old Vines serve by-the-glass selections (priced from $7 to $10), there are many half-glass choices as well (ranging from $3.50 to $5). The selection takes you on an international tour that doesn’t focus too heavily on any one particular region, thus giving guests a broad yet relatively focused array of interesting and tasty choices.

Should you choose to foray into the delightful tapas menu (from cured olives at $5 to heirloom tomato tartine at $10), you’ll find a wine pairing that fits like a glove. And if you’re not sure you’ve picked a proper pairing, ask your server. They’re happy to direct you toward a good match, giving you interesting and helpful tidbits of well-versed wine knowledge along the way.

Old Vines doesn’t shy away from showcasing its creativity with cocktails. The Ladybird is a simple and crisp refresher, with house-infused pear Amoro, Earl Grey cane syrup, fresh grapefruit and candied lemon peel ($10).

If you’re feeling a bit spicier, try the Sanguinarian, which combines a punchy mix of gold rum, blood orange, ginger habanero and cane syrup ($9).

And although the beer selection is small, it is well-chosen and tasteful, covering the bases with local favorites including Peak Organic IPA and Allagash White (both $5), while supplementing with beers from further afield, including Anchor Steam ($6), Guinness ($7) and Pilsner Urquel ($5).

When you’re looking for an evening of comfortable, stylish ambience with lighter fare and lovely wine, make the trip to Kennebunk. Old Vines will be ready to treat you to a delicious night.

Johanna Sorrell is a freelance writer who lives in Portland.