PORTLAND — The jury in Daudoit Butsitsi’s murder trial is revisiting testimony from two witnesses.

This morning the testimony of Amanda Gove was read to the jury in Cumberland County Superior Court. Gove lived in the Parkside apartment building where Butsitsi shot 24-year-old Serge Mulongo on Feb. 10, 2010.

Gove had testified she heard several bangs that night and thought the noise was firecrackers. She opened her apartment door and saw two men walking quickly out of the building. One of the men told her to call police because someone had been shot.

The defense says it was Butsitsi, then 25, who told Gove to call police because he wanted help to come for Mulongo, and that the other man was Emmanuel William, an eyewitness to the shooting.

On Wednesday, the jury got transcripts of Williams’ testimony. He had testified he fled from Butsitsi after the shooting.

Butsitis had testified that he and William left the building after William said they should leave because police would be there soon.

The jury deliberated for about two yours Wednesday afternoon, broke for the evening and resumed this morning around 8:30 a.m.