A fingerprint analysis has determined that a man arrested in Westbrook last week on drug charges used a fake name and is actually wanted on previous drug charges.

When Westbrook police arrested Ronald C. Jeanty and three others Friday at 53 Haskell St. in connection with a drug investigation, he told them his name was Junior Lafortune, 27, of Dorchester, Mass.

However, when his fingerprints were matched with a law enforcement database it turned out he is actually Jeanty, who was wanted by the Maine Violent Offender Task Force, run through the U.S. Marshal’s Office.

Jeanty is wanted on a charge of drug trafficking. He was charged by Westbrook police on counts of aggravated trafficking in drugs and trafficking in prison contraband, after allegedly being found with contraband when being booked into jail.

Jeanty now also faces charges of aggravated forgery and failing to provide his correct name to police. He remains at the Cumberland County Jail on $45,000 bail and also is being held indefinitely by immigration authorities.