Colleagues have been telling Cumberland County Sheriff’s Deputy Dan Down he should buy a lottery ticket.

Down was inspecting downed trees and wires on Aquila Road in Gray near Little Sebago at 2:45 p.m. Sunday when he climbed back into his cruiser and put it in reverse – but stopped when he heard a cracking noise.

“The next I knew, a big pine tree came down in front of my cruiser and it took down a pole that fell behind my cruiser,” Down said. The tree, a 75-foot behemoth, was lying six to 10 feet in front of him, the pole and a transformer, four or five feet behind. As the tree pulled the wires down they slipped past the passenger side of the car.

“Not a scratch on the car,” Down said. Crews were able to clear the downed pole and trees in about an hour and a half, he said.