PORTLAND — The Maine Supreme Judicial Court today ruled that it will not reconsider a fine it imposed on a former Portland-based lawyer for failing to maintain professionalism in his appellate briefs.

The state’s supreme court in December fined Ralph Dyer $2,500 for “an escalating tirade of unsupported accusations and aspersions” that questioned the independence and competence of a lower-court judge. The statements were in briefs Dyer submitted for a case over the bankruptcy sale of equipment that went before Justice John Nivison in the Business and Consumer Court.

“Skilled and vigorous advocacy forms the foundation for successful practice of appellate law; making accusations of incompetence, bias, and corruption of lawyers or jurists without any basis or foundation does not,” the justices wrote in their ruling.

The court has warned Dyer about his professional conduct at least twice before, according to the ruling.
Dyer did not immediately return a call to his home. The justices wrote in their decision that they believed he was no longer practicing law.