SACO — In an effort to pay-it-back, Sweetser has donated an emergency extrication cutting tool to the Saco Fire Department.

“The service that the men and women of the Saco Fire Department provide is invaluable to our community, and we have benefited from that, most notably on our residential campus on Moody Street,” said Sweetser CEO Carl Pendleton. “We are fortunate to be in a position to make this donation to the Saco Fire Department in appreciation of their efforts they have made over the years to Sweetser.”

Sweetser worked with the department to determine what equipment was most needed. The extrication cutting tool is specifically designed to cut through newer generation vehicles with stronger metals. It is also compatible with their current extrication equipment, as well as equipment used by neighboring fire departments.

Saco Deputy Fire Chief Robert Martin said new technology intended to keep drivers safer during a crash becomes a challenge at a rescue scene.

“With limited resources we need to be prepared whenever we come upon an accident scene. This will be the tool of choice,” Martin said.