One man died and three others were plucked from the water after a 24-foot boat sank about five miles off Cape Porpoise, the Coast Guard said.

The man’s name was not released by the Coast Guard because next of kin had not been notified, said Lt. Nick Barrow. He also said the Coast Guard was not immediately releasing the names of the other men involved.

The boat, Job Site 2, was a center console Grady-White, he said. Officials believe it was home-ported in York.

The Coast Guard and Maine Marine Patrol are investigating why the boat went down.

The boat put out a mayday call shortly after 3 p.m., and the passengers said they were putting on survival suits. Barrow said three of the men, including the one who died, went in the water and the owner of the boat climbed aboard the overturned hull.

The three in the water were pulled out by people on a nearby 48-foot yacht, the Lady Erica. Two were wearing survival suits and were suffering from mild hypothermia. They were hospitalized after reaching shore and their conditions were unknown.

The man who later died was unresponsive when pulled from the water, Barrow said. Two Coast Guard crew members transferred to the yacht and tried to revive the man but were unable to do so.

The owner of the boat was picked up by a passing fishing boat and transferred to a Coast Guard Zodiac boat then taken to shore.