UPDATED 10:55 P.M. – Occupy Maine leaders quickly determined that the rumor about police intervention was false and posted an update on the group’s Facebook page.

The first post with the false rumor was put up about 8 p.m., and a post shooting down the rumor went up about two hours later Saturday night.

“The police have been awesome us and the city has been as well,” said Rachel Rumson, a member of Occupy Maine’s media work group.


PORTLAND — City officials moved quickly Saturday night to knock down a rumor that police were planning to evict the Occupy Maine protesters from Lincoln Park next week.

“I don’t know how this got started, but we have no plans to do that whatsoever,” spokeswoman Nicole Clegg said.

The rumor was posted on Occupy Maine’s Facebook page and the group sent out a tweet about it Saturday evening.

Christopher Shislar, who said he is the security coordinator at the group’s Lincoln Park encampment, said two police officers told him about the plans a few days ago. Schislar said he didn’t get the officers names, but took their comments as a threat.

Clegg said the protesters have complied with city requests, such as no open fires and bringing in a portable toilet for the encampment. As long as they continue to address any concerns about health or safety issues, she said, the city doesn’t expect to take any action to remove them from the park.

Schislar said he was “somewhat reassured” by the city’s statement.