BROWNSTOWN TOWNSHIP, Mich. – A suburban Detroit man said letting his 9-year-old daughter drive him around after he had been drinking was a bad idea that grew out of good memories from his youth.

Shawn Weimer, who faces trial on a felony child abuse charge, said he made a mistake in asking his daughter to drive in the early morning of Oct. 8. But the 39-year-old thought of the driving he did at her age on a 22-acre farm and around the junkyard his family owned.

Police arrested Weimer after pulling over the van and finding his daughter behind the wheel near their home. Surveillance video from a Brownstown Township gas station shows Weimer bragging about her driving skills. Weimer said she drove around a private road for about 45 minutes before heading to the gas station.

The girl testified last month that her father had consumed half a bottle of whiskey the night they were pulled over and that she agreed to drive but felt a “little scared.”