SCARBOROUGH – A college student from Scarborough has developed a following and gotten at least five marriage proposals after writing a column about her experiences with welfare recipients as a Walmart cashier. She says she wants to be the next Ann Coulter.

Christine Rousselle, 20, who attends Providence College in Rhode Island, wrote on the website The College Conservative about her experiences working as a teenager at the Walmart in her hometown.

In the column this week, Rousselle described customers using welfare money to buy toys, lobsters and jewelry, and welfare recipients yakking on expensive iPhones. She suggested that a hot dog stand operator used food stamps to supply his business.

She came to a startling realization after a customer from Massachusetts showed her a welfare card with former Massachusetts Gov. Michael Dukakis’ signature. That meant the man had been on welfare as long as Rousselle had lived, since she was born in 1991, the year Dukakis’ last term ended.

Readers have left more than 2,000 comments and shared it thousands of times on Facebook.

Rousselle told the Bangor Daily News that her former Walmart co-workers largely have applauded her for pointing out what has frustrated them for years.

She also has received some negative feedback, something the political science major will need to get used to if she makes a profession out of her commentary.

“I’m having the time of my life,” Rousselle said. “I would love to do this full time. My dream job is to be Ann Coulter.”