I will concede one point of Mark Verrill’s sickening Dec. 22 letter regarding the “celebration of gay, lesbian, and transsexual lifestyles” at Greely High School: having a Christmas tree in the school isn’t completely obscene, as long as all other beliefs are equally represented. That is where my tolerance of intolerance ends.

I do not attend Greely, so I cannot speak to the exact facts presented during that week. However, I oppose the assumption that the school must have forced the “gay lifestyle” down students’ throats. Advertising a particular way of life is not the purpose of our education system. Does it not make more sense that the school merely wished to inform its students that homosexual people are – gasp – actually people, too? Despite blatant repression, might they have accomplished things that are worthy of being celebrated?

This is only visible by overlooking your fear of innate differences and widening your depressingly narrow view of the world. The gender of the person we love doesn’t make any difference – it’s just the love.

This country was not founded as a Christian nation. Our founding fathers were secularists: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion.” So if your god doesn’t believe that all humans on this planet should be treated equally, then your god has no place in the rationality and tolerance that schools are trying to instill in our next generation – a generation that will, I hope, be more accepting of other lifestyles than you are.

Luke Seitz