BRUNSWICK — A delusional Brunswick man with schizophrenia has been missing for more than two weeks and his worried family is asking the public for help.

Jason Reil, 33, was last seen by his father on the morning of Jan. 12.

Jason Reil had stopped by Doug Reil’s Brunswick home the night before and said he hadn’t been sleeping or taking his medications. He also was delusional and began talking about government conspiracies, his father said Sunday afternoon.

Doug Reil persuaded his son to spend the night, but Jason Reil woke up at 6 a.m. and again began talking about the conspiracies. Doug Reil asked his son to promise to call his doctor and to take his medications, but then Jason Reil said he had to go for a walk.

“I said, promise me you’ll call me when you get back from your walk,” Doug Reil said.

That was 17 days ago. Family members have not seen or heard from Jason Reil since.

“When I didn’t hear from him, I began to get really worried,” Doug Reil said.

Jason Reil walked out the door that morning wearing khakis, a green pullover sweater and leather shoes. He left his jacket and gloves at his father’s house and left his phone and keys at his apartment on Federal Street in Brunswick.

The family filed a missing persons report with the Brunswick Police Department a few days after Jason Reil vanished.

Doug Reil said that although his son has been known to “take off” before for a day or two, he always lets someone know.

“He’ll call somebody and let them know he’s OK,” Reil said, adding that he also is disabled. “He’s always checking in on me.”

Jason Reil is 6 feet tall, has shaved light brown hair and brown eyes. He has small scars over his eyebrow and a dragon tattoo on his left forearm. He also has scars on his wrists.

According to Doug Reil, his son had recently been on an upward swing in his life.

“Prior to him stopping his medication, he was doing really well,” Reil said. “He seemed to have this great positive attitude about life. He was involved in helping out at local soup kitchens. He seemed really positive, really up.”

But Reil stopped taking his medications around Christmas, which has historically been a hard time of year for him. Twice in the past, he has tried to commit suicide around that time.

Doug Reil said that although his son has been a danger to himself, he has never known him to be a threat to anyone else.

“I’ve never seen him hurt anybody in my life. Never, ever,” Reil emphasized. “He’s a pretty timid person. He just keeps to himself.”

Anyone with information about Jason Reil is asked to contact the Brunswick Police Department at 725-6620 or Doug Reil at 423-9682.

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