Is Bain Capital some evil example of free enterprise, or capitalism’s competition? Or is it perfect preparation for watching your country’s finances?

When the alum is Mitt Romney, Bain is bad. But  when it’s a feature of the resume of the president’s new deputy director for management of the Office of Management and Budget,  Bain is the perfect choice. That’s right, Obama chose Bain alum Jeff Zeints to watch your government’s finances. But that apparently isn’t network newsworthy.

The media flogged Romney for his role at Bain. They overlooked Zeints’ role at Bain. And the Democrats love showing Newt Gingrich decry Bain, free enterprise, and the financial expertise that has rewarded many nonprofit investors. Gingrich should be ashamed. And the charges on Romney’s tax rate? Remember, those capital investment, at-risk dollars are after-tax dollars. He had already paid taxes on the money he risked.

I’ll vote for Mitt Romney in the Republican presidential caucus straw poll. Join me at the Falmouth caucus (9:30 a.m., Feb. 11 at the Falmouth Town Hall) and do the same. Maybe a President Romney would reappoint Zeints and Bain alums that could turn the country around, as they typically did with major companies. I’ll take their odds against Obama and more Solyndras.

Bill Gardiner