CAPE ELIZABETH — General registration for the 15th running of the Beach to Beacon 10K Road Race filled in five minutes and six seconds this morning, or a little longer than it usually takes the leaders to complete the first mile of the race.

Runners snapped up 4,000 bib numbers at a quicker pace than last year’s registration, which took only eight minutes. The 600 entries reserved for Cape Elizabeth residents became available Wednesday morning and were claimed within eight minutes.

A lottery system for the remaining 1,850 bibs will continue through midnight on March 22 at the race website, As of noon, more than 1,500 runners had registered for the lottery; numbers will be drawn on March 23.

Race organizers sent email confirmations to those who registered successfully.

One nimble-fingered typist managed to register in 54.96 seconds. Here are the number of successful registrations in each of the five minutes:

1. 247
2. 1,508
3. 1449
4. 729
5. 66