PORTLAND — Steven Ricci is in jail again today after allegedly masturbating on a trail that was the scene of an earlier crime.

It was the second arrest for the Portland man since he was released from jail less than three weeks ago.

Ricci, 48, was arrested this morning for probation revocation. He was charged later in the day with the misdemeanor offense of disorderly conduct.

Police received a complaint of indecent conduct near Jewell Falls in the Fore River Sanctuary around 5 p.m. on Monday, said Lt. Gary Rogers. The alleged victims were two adults with two young children, he said.

Officers began investigating Monday and interviewed Ricci at his home. Ricci was arrested without incident this morning following discussions with representatives of the District Attorney’s Office and Adult Community Corrections, which oversees probation matters.

Ricci’s lawyer, J.P. DeGrinney, said this morning that he had few details about the incident.

Ricci has alarmed authorities with his descriptions of his plans to commit sexual assault. He has not been convicted of any crimes that require him to register as a sex offender with the state.

Police have said that Ricci, who has cerebral palsy, also has been diagnosed with mental illness.

He was released from the Cumberland County Jail at the end of February after serving a sentence for misdemeanor indecent conduct. In that case, he had been convicted of masturbating in front of a woman on the Fore River Sanctuary trail in the summer.

Two days after his release, Ricci was arrested after an off-duty jail deputy spotted him walking on Brighton Avenue with a pizza when he was supposed to be under a curfew that is a condition of his probation.

DeGrinney said that Ricci had sought medical attention for a problem with his knee and ended up out after curfew because the wait was much longer than expected. Ricci picked up the pizza on his way back to the hotel where he was staying, the lawyer said.