I was shocked that the Plum Creek proposal received approval from the Maine Judicial Court on March 15 to develop the Moosehead Lake area, allowing 821 house lots and more than l,200 housing units in the Big Moose Mountain and Lily Bay areas.

It is the largest development in the history of Maine and planned by Plum Creek, already the largest landowner in the United States. In addition, there have been many donations from Plum Creek to Maine politicians.

I’m reminded of similar problems with the preservation of Mount Katahdin at a time when it was threatened by commercial over-cutting of its trees. Finally, Gov. Baxter bought the whole mountain, which became Baxter State Park and remains in its undeveloped state to this date. As a physician practicing in Bangor, I have had the opportunity to explore Moosehead Lake from Greenville to Northeast Carry. I still have a lasting impression of the primitive beauty, which should remain beneficial to all who would wish to share it.

Is it possible to preserve this as a national park or other preserve?