RAYMOND — Three applicants have submitted plans for managing Raymond Beach this summer.

The town posted a request earlier this month seeking proposals for a private manager to keep the beach clean during the summer. In exchange, the manager would be allowed use of the land for business purposes, such as selling food.

The proposals were due on March 16, and will be considered by the Raymond Select Board at a meeting on April 10.

Plans were submitted by Joanne and Gary Alfiero, Rhonda Keene and Kevin McAllister, all residents of Windham.

The Alfieros’ plan is to charge an entry fee of $5 per car and $1 per person. They’d like to open up the beach for town-run organizations, like recreational sports teams, to hold fundraising events.

Over time, the Alfieros, who own a cleaning business, would like to open hot dog and ice cream carts and hold lobster bakes.

Keene, a manager at Dunkin Donuts, proposed to run a food stand that would sell hot dogs, sausages and sandwiches, as well as “some of (her) own specialties.”

McAllister, who owned a sports bar in Gray and now manages Nosh Kitchen Bar in Portland, would also like to run a hot dog cart, “serving traditional food with a delicious twist using local, quality ingredients and perfected recipes,” he wrote in his proposal.

The town decided to have a private manager run the beach last year, after the beach had to close due to unsanitary conditions.

Jeff Pomeroy, who proposed to run a floating cafe off a dock in Sebago Lake, signed a five-year lease with the town.

The pontoon boat that housed the cafe sunk the day it was put in the water. Because Pomeroy didn’t remove the boat until February, violating shoreline zoning rules, the town terminated the lease.