WINDHAM — Casey Farley was tossing and turning early this morning, unable to sleep because of an old leg injury, when he spotted flames outside his bedroom window.

“I got my wife and kids up and got them outside and proceeded to bang on all the doors in the (building) and waking everybody else,” said Farley, who drives a tow truck and has lived in the complex on Calla Way about a year.

His wife and children, 6 and 5 years old, were shaken but unharmed, he said.

His unit was destroyed and the other three units in the building were damaged.

“I’ve watched everything I own go up in smoke,” he said. The Red Cross has provided donated clothing and is arranging for a place to stay for the immediate future, he said.

“If it wasn’t for the donations, we wouldn’t have anything right now,” he said. “The only things we have is what they’ve given us.” He said the family did not have renter’s insurance.

A neighbor’s unit was damaged, but firefighters were able to retrieve belongings like photographs and checkbooks, he said. His family’s possessions were almost all destroyed and little could be recovered.

Farley says he doesn’t know how the fire started and said he may never know.

The cause remains under investigation.