STANDISH – Father Monk Malloy, former president of University of Notre Dame, visited the Saint Joseph’s College April 11 as part of the Centennial Lecture Series, celebrating 100 years of the school.

Father Malloy, who led Notre Dame for 18 years, is a theologian and author of two books. His third book of the “Monk Tales” trilogy will be released soon.

Malloy’s goal of the evening was to inspire and promote excellence through his speech, “Stories of Heroes and Heroines as the Source of our Hope and the Grounds of our Promise.”

“Every one of us has our own special story” he said.

Throughout his speech, Malloy emphasized the importance of humility, not letting circumstances overwhelm oneself and the importance of self worth.

“You learn to live with [what you’ve been through] when you’ve been through it. You learn to forgive and forget to give everyone a sense of belonging,” he said.

Malloy followed his speech by answering questions and an opportunity for the audience to share stories of personal heroes and heroines.

Before delivering his speech, Malloy dined with 40 members of the college community, including faculty, staff, students from the National Honors Society and student athletes.

The Boys and Girls Club of Southern Maine representatives also attended. It was announced that the group is seeking a partnership with Saint Joseph’s College.

(Jaimee Thibodeau is a student at Saint Joseph’s College and an intern at Current Publishing.)

Father Monk Malloy, at Saint Joseph’s College on Wednesday. (Photo by Jaimee Thibodeau)

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