PORTLAND – Tim Moore, a veteran of two decades on local radio and a well-known on-air personality at WHOM (94.9 FM), left his position at Portland’s Cumulus stations this week.

Moore declined to discuss his departure. Mike Sambrook, market manager for Cumulus in Portland, did not respond to requests for comment.

Moore had been an on-air host for light rock station WHOM, including a recent stint working mornings. He had also been program director for both WHOM and pop station WJBQ (97.9 FM), another Cumulus station. He’s a native of Washington, D.C. and a graduate of Ohio State University.

WHOM’s website on Tuesday listed Sandra Harris, Meredith Manning and Teddy McKay as the station’s remaining on-air hosts. Harris has been on WHOM for years, while Manning and McKay are mainly heard on WJBQ. McKay was listed as the morning host.

Both Manning and McKay were still listed as WJBQ on-air hosts on that station’s website as well.