WATERVILLE — An official police report on a six-vehicle crash in Post Office Square confirms witness reports about the cause of the wreck, but offers no reasons behind it.

On March 18, Nancy Hazard of Waterville was driving a 2008 Suzuki SX4 south on College Avenue when she struck four cars waiting at a stoplight. A fifth car was pushed into the intersection.

A crash reconstruction report concluded that Hazard, 42, was driving between 60 and 85 mph at the time of impact, Deputy Chief Charles Rumsey said. The report, however, does not state whether Hazard was driving with criminal intent or if she was having a medical issue.

“That’s the big question,” Rumsey said. “The question of ‘why?’ is still out there.”

Investigators have ruled out the possibility that Hazard was intoxicated. A blood sample taken from Hazard shortly after the crash tested negative for alcohol or illegal drugs, and any prescription medications were at normal levels, Rumsey said.

Investigators also reviewed Hazard’s medical records and performed extensive interviews.


“We’ve interviewed everybody we could possibly talk to about the day of the crash — including Nancy Hazard, who doesn’t remember anything,” he said.

The crash reconstruction report was completed by Sgt. Mike Pion from the Kennebec County Sheriff’s Office, and approved by Maine State Police on May 5. Waterville police received the 34-page report a more than a week ago. Rumsey said the full report is confidential for the time being.

“It is still part of a criminal investigation and there’s still the potential that the district attorney’s office could bring charges in this case,” he said.

The DA’s office has a range of options, he added.

“They could close the case with no charges, they could charge Mrs. Hazard with a number of different things or they could present the case to a grand jury,” he said.

Assistant District Attorney Paul Rucha said he has received the casework, but wouldn’t say whether charges are pending.


“We have not made that decision one way or another yet,” Rucha said. “We certainly will be looking at it closely.”

No one was killed in the crash, but six people were treated for injuries.

Hazard was taken to Eastern Maine Medical Center in Bangor with chest trauma and a back injury. She was released 10 days later.

Karl Andresen, 69, of Winslow, suffered a cracked cervical vertebra, eight broken ribs, a concussion and a lacerated tongue. Andresen spent two weeks at Eastern Maine Medical Center.

Andresen has returned to work as a Spanish teacher at Winslow High School, but is still recovering, he said.

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